Saturday, March 10, 2012

Date Night

This post will not have pictures or video because the iPad is upstairs and I'm too lazy to get it. But at least you get an update.

Tonight was date night - the very first of its kind! A mommy/daughter date night!

After dinner the kids took a quick bath, Poe put on a new outfit and she and I hit the town while Bubby & Bryan stayed at home and watched a movie.

First we hit MYO for some frozen yogurt and conversation ("So mommy, what did you do today? Was it a good day?") and then we headed to the high school to see a Musical Review - a Motown Review.

Penelope was SO excited for her night with mommy. Actually, she was probably more excited about the show than the time with me, but I'll take what I can get. She was literally jumping up and down while we waited in line to get her ticket. She was even more excited when she saw that M, the daughter of our principal, was there as well (with her family of course, M is 5-ish weeks younger than Poe).

The girls spent the entire show dancing, sitting in the same chair, and being mostly good and only slightly obnoxious. Considering that they're 3, the show started at 7, and they're 3 - they did really well. It was all music and most of the music was music you could dance to, so they spent 90% of the show dancing. We did have to remind them a few times not to talk while the performers were up... but they loved the music.

It was pretty great music. The soloists were fantastic, the band was phenomenal, the a cappella ensemble was great, the choirs were fun.

Overall it was a really wonderful evening. She went to bed an hour and a half later than normal so we'll see how it affects her tomorrow.

I'm looking forward to being able to do these things with her more often.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Funnies and updates

There are lots of really good reasons to teach your children the proper (formal) name for their body parts.

But right now my favorite reason is that it makes for some hilarious conversations.

After having a discussion with Penelope about her private area (she was a little red so we talked about her parts, their names, what hurt, and who gets to touch her parts [her, mommy & daddy to help her wipe, the doctor when mommy & daddy are there]) she and I had this conversation:

Me: Poe, do you need help with your jammies?
P: No thank you momma, me and my vulva can do it by myself.
M: You and your vulva?
P: Yes, I got it.
G: Vulva!
P: No Bubby, I have a vulva. You don't. Only me and mommy.
G: Penis!
M: Yes Bubby, you have a penis.
P: And I have a vulva.
M: *trying not to pee myself laughing* Yes, yes you do.

And now SLEEP.

Or lack thereof.

We're not in a Suck yet. But I'm starting to get so frustrated with G's wake-ups. He'll be two next month and he wakes up between 10 & 11 screaming for me. When he's put in our bed, he falls right back asleep and stays asleep until 5:30/6. He's slept 10+ hours before so I know he's capable, but at this point it seems like he'll only do it if someone is sleeping next to him - namely me (or my parents, apparently).

We pushed the kids' beds together in the hopes that having Sissy next to him would equal less wake-ups. So far it hasn't helped... He did great at my parent's house, but he was sleeping between one of my parents & Poe plus they have a super cool humidifier (we need to get one, our cheapo one broke).

I just don't know what to do with him, other than wait it out, which is probably what we'll do regardless - I just need to vent (and I need this to be documented so he - or his future spouse - can look back through this and realize that their child's night wakings are simply karma). I have briefly considered CIO, but we have no place to keep him away from P. I REFUSE to have two completely awake children at 12am. Refuse.

I will say that I love falling asleep with the kids... except the nights when it takes a half an hour. But holding Sissy's hand and having G-Funk curled up next to me with his cheek pressed against mine is just - heaven.

In other P&G news, a few times people have asked us if they're twins. Boy-child is up to P's ear now - soon he'll be the same size and will likely surpass her in height. He's solidly in 2T pants but is now in 3T shirts, child is long in the torso & arms. Swimmer maybe? Or pitcher, looks like he might end up left handed...

Girl-child is rocking the 5s, is 100% daytime potty trained and wakes up dry in the morning about half the time. She's getting really good at writing her letters and has started flirting with boys (already? WTF?). She continues to assert that she wants to be "a Princess diver" when she grows up and feed fish/clean tanks at the aquarium.

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