Monday, June 1, 2015

Izzy at Graduation

Last week was SHS's 2015 Graduation ceremony. Since this class was my class, I had to make it to gradation to see my babies all dressed up.

I consider this group extra special because they were Freshmen the year I started at Salinas... I've been their faculty adviser all 4 years and I had a good portion of them in one or more of my classes. They'll always have a special place in my heart.

Izzy is still too little to be left sans Mommy for long stretches, so she came with me. She actually did really well - although she got a wicked sunburn on her nose that still isn't fully healed (poor baby). I got burned as well, and while mine is still lobster red, it didn't blister like poor Iz's burn. Hers will heal faster than mine though, babies have amazing healing (plus I've been squirting breastmilk on it - don't knock it, it works!). I bought sunscreen and hats the day after graduation so we hopefully won't have a sunburn repeat.

Anyway, here are some pics of me & Izzy with my kids (I don't have all the pics that were taken that day, but I'm happy to have these).

Some of my yearbook seniors (Guiselle, Michelle, Jocelyn, Jacky, & Diana)
Hosea, arguably the biggest PITA of them all :)
Elena - I had her Freshmen year and she was my TA last year
If you notice I have on my FitBit. I walked over 6 miles that day. My feet STILL hurt.

Car Conversations

Griffin's car conversations, when they don't drive me absolutely crazy, are the best ever.


G - "Mommy, why don't I have six fingers?"
Me - "Because humans have five fingers."
G - "But why not six?"
Me - "Evolution. Apparently 5 fingers was the most evolutionary advantageous number of fingers."
G - "But six fingers would be cool."
Me - "Then you'd have to buy new gloves."
G - "Yeah, I guess five is ok."

A few days ago:

G - "Mommy, why is the air up and the street on the bottom?"
Me - "That's a complicated question with a complicated answer. Let's just say it has to do with mass."
G - "What's mass?"
Me - "(sigh) Mass is kinda like weight, the more mass an object has, the more it weighs. Objects that have greater mass attract other objects."
G - "Oh, you mean gravity."
Me - "Well if you knew the answer why did you ask the question?"
G - "Because." (pause) "Gravity keeps us down, right? That's why we don't float into outer space."
Me - "Yes. Exactly."
G - "Can you turn off the gravity?"
Me - "Me personally? No. And well, no one can actually. Gravity is a constant."
G - "(sigh) That's too bad."

Also a few days ago:

G - "Mommy, why didn't your borned a boy baby?"
Me - "Because your sister is a girl and she's the last baby mommy and daddy will have."
G - "But I want another baby."
Me - "Sorry dude, but until you have a partner & the two of you decide to have a child, this baby is the only one you're going to get."
G - "Well you should have had two, I want one to take care of."
Me - "You help me take care of baby sister already."
G - "Moooooom (sigh) that's not the same."
Me - "I know dude, I know."

The Conversationalist

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