Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

Halloween is a holiday best seen through the eyes of a toddler - and this year it kicked ass.

Our friends Gina, Chris, and Lucy threw a Halloween party and there were about 15 or so other small ones running around playing, laughing, and (eventually) trick-or-treating. Here's a group photo:

So after playing and eating, we all headed out to trick or treat. At first Penny wasn't too sure about the whole concept. She is, after all, a shy creature. But eventually she warmed up to the idea and would march up (making sure Daddy was still close by) to get her candy. No "trick-or-treat" since she doesn't like to make the first move, but she did say "thank you" to everyone who gave her candy, so at least she's polite :)

Griffin didn't really have much of an opinion about Halloween, although he's not really a fan of his costume. It did keep him warm though, it got a little chilly tonight.

Here are some more pictures. It was really a wonderful evening... we ALL had fun and I think Halloween will become one of our favorite holidays. So thanks to Gina, Chris, and Lucy for hosting!!!

Griffin loves Lucy

And Lucy loves Griffin

Penny and Orson

Poe and Daddy Trick-or-Treating

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Tooth 4 - and an apology to Griffin

G-man got tooth #4 two days ago...

Which brings me to the first of what I am sure will be many apologies.

Dear Griffin,

Mommy is sorry that a blog listing your many accomplishments and milestones are not written or posted 2 seconds after said accomplishment or milestone. I am sorry that your every waking moment is not spent taking thousands of pictures which I then wade through a post ad nauseum. I am sorry that when you look back on this blog as a young adult that you will not see as many entries gushing over your infant years as there are of your sister.

Having two babies is hard, and it's even harder when mommy and daddy are both working and in school. We don't have a lot of free time (especially since you're not fond of sleeping) and blogging and picture taking have become low on our priority list.

But let me assure you that even though we are not obsessively chronicling each moment of your life, we are noticing and celebrating each new step you take. And let me also assure you (young adult Griffin who is possibly reading this) that we are having FUN. You are a joyful, smiling baby who keeps us busy. You love to move, jump, laugh, and play. Every moment we spend with you is a full moment - and so even if we had the time we probably wouldn't take it to blog since it's so much fun just being your parents.

Granted, it would be a lot MORE fun if you'd sleep so we could sleep (or blog, whatever), but at least when you wake us up in the wee-small hours of the morning you do so with a smile on your face and big slobbery kiss (or you try and punch us in the face, but I know it's out of a combination of love and an inability to fully control your arm's movements).

So anyway, we love you very much. The number of pictures or blog posts in no way represents our love for you or your sister. And one day when you have kids (PLEASE let that be after college) you will understand that while second babies get the shaft when it comes to pictures and baby books they get just as much love as first babies... more in some ways since your sister loves you as much as we do. You may not believe it when you read it (and she may never admit it when she's older) but Penelope adores you. She won't go to bed without giving you a kiss and even shares her Elmo dolls with you. If that isn't love I don't know what is.


PS - you love your sister too. Every time you see her you smile... and she's one of the few people who can always make you laugh and you stare at her with adoration when she's near you.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


So I finally got around to taking some pictures of the kids... you're welcome.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Conversations with Penelope

Today while grocery shopping:

P: Mama, nanas? (nanas are food)
M: Ok, we'll get some food. Do you want salad?
P: Yes! Mmmm.
M: With tomatoes?
P: Yes, matoes. Salad yum.
M: Anything else on your salad?
P: (thinking) Um. Cookie! Yes! Cookies! Yum!
M: (laughing) Maybe you can have a cookie if you eat all your salad.
P: Yum cookies, mama, some cookie please. Clap for cookies! (she starts clapping)
M: Oh goodness child.


P: Mama?
M: Yes my love?
P: Some cake?
M: (laughing) No, we're not going to have cake, we're shopping.
P: Cookies?
M: Well, you did eat your salad so I guess we can get a cookie.
P: Yea! Cookie! Penny some cookie! Mama, cookie!
M: Yes, yes, Mama will get you a cookie. Actually, you and mama will share a cookie.
P: Mama share. Share cookie. Some cookie! Clap for cookie! (she claps)

So apparently we're raising Cookie Monster Jr.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

This morning's conversation with Penelope

This occurred while we were putting on her shoes.

Penny: Go?
Me: Yes, we're going to go after daddy gets ready.
P: Daddy ready? Go?
M: Soon, who do you want to go see today?
P: (thinking) Ummmm. Orson. Orson and Kim.
M: Well honey, I don't know if they're going to be at Gus' birthday party. You might not see them until Tuesday.
P: Gus? Yea Gus!
M: You want to go to Gus' birthday party?
P: Gus birthday? Yea Gus!
M: And some of your other friends will be there as well.
P: Maddox?
M: Yep, and Lucy and Ava and Sophia and maybe more!
P: Gus birthday. Yea Gus!

So I guess she's ready for Gus' party. Yea Gus!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tooth #3

So we finally have a top tooth. Hopefully this means we'll all get a bit more sleep tonight although I won't hold my breath.

More later, I'm going to make it a priority to take pictures of the kids this weekend.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

6 months

Yesterday Griffin hit the 6 month mark. He's 29.25 inches - so only slightly longer than Penny at this age. Weight wise he's smaller, but I'm not sure exactly how much. I'd guesstimate his weight at 19 lbs.

We're still nursing, but things have slowed down. He nurses for comfort and then overnight.

He's sitting up well, reaching for everything, and rolling. My guess is he'll start crawling by 8 months (or sooner) but it will certainly be before his sister did. He's just a much more active and physical baby.

He's also a horrible sleeper. Waking up from his nap now, so this is all the time I have!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Nursing slow down.. start weaning??

I think my milk may be slowly drying up. Or else Griffin is just a bottomless pit who can never be satiated. Or both.

Two nights ago I had to get up and feed him a bottle. And during the day he fusses while nursing and doesn't stop until he either falls asleep (rare) or gets a bottle.

I'm off the domperidone and I'm contemplating ordering more, although I don't know if that would do anything this time around. It's a rather expensive experiment with no guaranteed results.

So maybe this means Griffin and I will no longer be nursing... he is eating a fair amount of solids, oatmeal (2 tbsp) + a jar of food 3x a day. And he LOVES his solids.

Thinking about weaning makes me a little sad, but nowhere near as upset as I was when I stopped nursing Penelope at 4 weeks. I think I was depressed for a few weeks after we gave up nursing. We'll see how I feel when the possibility becomes a reality this time around. For now I'll nurse Griffin as much as I can and see where things go. But if he continues to be upset while nursing and continues to use me as a teething ring instead of a food source then we'll stop nursing sooner rather than later.

For all the struggles we've had, making it almost 6 months is a huge accomplishment. I'm proud of both of us.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Rough night

Last night was a rough one. Griffin didn't sleep well at all. He's teething and congested (which is due to the teething). This all equals one fussy, mouth breathing baby who thinks biting mommy in the middle of the night is a good idea.

I'm exhausted and sore.

Not really looking forward to the rest of today.

Monday, October 4, 2010

It's like trying to photograph Bigfoot

Poe is no longer an easy picture target.

And for the record, these PJ's are size 4T.


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