Thursday, November 3, 2011

Well, we survived the Rapture

In case you missed it, the Rapture was supposed to happen a few weeks ago. So congrats, you survived. Or maybe, sorry you're still here?

Anyway, updates.

We have a new daycare provider (DCP). We liked our old day DCP, but she moved and it was the perfect (albeit stressful) opportunity to find something a little more structured. And we did! Monica's Daycare is run a lot more like school-prep with plenty of outside play, arts and crafts, and... potty training! We actually haven't started Poe on the PT wagon quite yet, but we will soon.

She, of course, loves her new daycare. She loves making new friends, she loves spending all day with kids her age, she loves the structure and the learning activities. I honestly don't know if there's anything she doesn't love. She wakes every morning with a cheery "Good morning Mommy! Good morning Daddy! Good morning Bubba! Good Morning Harley!". She calls strangers in parking lots and grocery stores her "best friend".

This isn't to say that she's always this cheery, friendly, and lovey. She has bad days. But overall? She is my sunshine.

Our favorite game is to ask each other "guess what?.... I LOVE YOU!"

She's also taken to asking us about our days over dinner. It is adorable. "Hey B, how was your day?" is perhaps the sweetest and funniest thing I hear her say every day. Or "Mama, how was your sleep?" Or "Bubby, did you have a good nappy?"

Speaking of the Bubs, Monster has been regressing with his sleep, which SUCKS. I mention this because he's now awake and I have to run and get him.


  1. If there is anyone who understands your sleeping difficulties- it is me! Good luck to you :)

    Also congrats on your decision to adopt- how exciting!!!

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