Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Adventures in Breastfeeding

The kids and I have been out and about recently, and since Griffin and I are still trying to make nursing work this means we've had to nurse in a variety of places. With Penelope I only ever nursed at home, MSN, or in a relative's house. G-man and I are much more adventurous, here are some of the places we've nursed:

*JC Penny bathroom (and can I say - ick. There really weren't any places in the store for me to sit so we had to use the ladies room. Thankfully they had a chair b/c I would have been even more grossed out if I was forced to nurse in a bathroom stall.)

*Chilis - not too bad, they have plenty of places to sit and I have one of those nursing covers.

*Fremont Park - it was nice to nurse outside. Got a little warm in the sun though... used a blanket to cover G but only so he wouldn't get sunburned.

*Safeway - that was interesting. I took G to the grocery store (just G and I, P was at home with Daddy)... he had just eaten so I figured he'd be good to go in the Moby wrap and he'd eventually fall asleep. Hahahaha. I should have known better. If I'm the one trying to get him to sleep the ONLY way he'll sleep is if I nurse him or we bounce on my yoga ball. Since Safeway doesn't have a yoga ball I ended up having to nurse him IN THE STORE. Not really a big deal for nursing pros, but a big deal for me. I got him situated in the Moby and was able to make it work, but it wasn't easy at first. He fell asleep after a few sips but would wake up if I tried to put everything away - so I ended up doing the rest of my shopping with him snuggling my breast in the Moby. Such a boy.

I keep promising new pictures, but haven't found the time to take any yet. Soon!!


  1. Fun times...I've nursed both kids during the mushroom festival parade. That was interesting. I have to say my favorite place to nurse is Babies R Us cause they have a dedicated room. But we've done it at Sam's, Target, and in the car a lot! Way to go girl.

  2. ooh yeah, I loved nursing at BRU. we once had a nearly all-day outing there because it was just so nice to be out of the house and we had basically everything we needed, lol.

    I also liked nursing in the car, to be honest. It was just more comfortable than most places.


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