Friday, May 21, 2010

Hoping to get in a post before the babies wake up

I have no idea what to talk about. I had an entire post composed in my head early this morning when Griffin was awake and refusing to go back to sleep (he was up for about 3 hours between 2-5am). It was an awesome post, wonderfully written, hilarious, witty... and a dozen other super flattering adjectives. Of course, I was half asleep and exhausted, so it's quite possible that my perception of the post would not have matched its reality. Nah, it would have been legendary.

Penny's new trick is to hand you the remote and demand that you turn on Sesame Street... she can get to the OnDemand menu on her own, but can't get it to the Sprout/Sesame Street channel without assistance. She'll even ask you "please" before she throws a colossal tantrum when you either 1) refuse to oblige or 2) don't turn it on fast enough. It's super awesome (/s).

And can I say that teething sucks donkey tail? Because it does. Her 2 year molars are coming in, but they're taking their sweet-ass time. I hope Griffin holds out on teething for awhile.

Speaking of the G-man, he's doing well. Breastfeeding is what it is - and I don't really want to go into it anymore (talking about it that is, we're still nursing as much as we can). The whole thing is alternately disappointing, frustrating, and pleasant. So there's a wide range there. I will note that we had three nights in a row of all-nursing, so that was nice. We still have to give him 16-20oz a day in supplement, so we're nowhere near where I wanted to be, but you really can't always get what you want.

G is getting stronger, I can't wait until we can put him in the Bumpo. He's also getting onto a pseudo-schedule which makes it slightly easier to take him and the P-monster out and about. Which is good since Pen starts gymnastics in a week, we have moms group, music class, and park play dates to attend. Getting out helps ensure a good afternoon nap for Pen, keeps mommy sane, gives daddy a chance to have uninterrupted work time, and makes the day pass by much more quickly.

Classes start up again in June (for me, B's been taking classes since April) and I have 4 more before I'm finished with coursework. I have student teaching this Fall and that's going to be a challenge for all of us. I'll be on a high school campus all day and we'll need to figure out childcare. Bryan will be working from home, but if he has to watch the kids he'll never be able to get anything done. We have awhile to figure it out - school doesn't start until August... so we'll see what happens.

I'll be so glad when this is all over and I have my credential and degree... then I can take a break and teach for a few years before I go back to school again for my doctorate. I'm determined to get my PhD.

What else?


Yeah, can't think of anything. I'll try and post again Monday afternoon - Pen has her Ped appt then.

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