Friday, June 11, 2010

Mama's babies

I'll just go ahead and admit it. Griffin is a mama's boy... and while Penelope LOVES her Daddy, she's kinda a mama's girl.

Considering I'm a stay at home mom (at least until I find a job or until I start student teaching), it's understandable. We spend all day hanging out - and I try and make those days as packed as possible (if only for my own sanity). Between play groups, gymnastics, the zoo, and other activities we seem to be constantly busy. This is good since it means I can tire Poe out for nap-time.

Speaking of my Po-po-potamous - my friend Kathy's blog post has gotten me a little nostalgic for Pen's baby days. Not super nostalgic (since G-man is in the same phase and I'm reminded daily about how much that phase sucks) but nostalgic in a I'd-really-like-to-look-at-comparison-pictures kind of way.

So here's our baby girl then:


And Now:



But I must say I'm so very glad she's not a newborn anymore. The newborn phase is my least favorite. I'm very glad Griffin is close to exiting said phase and to moving onto one a little less... needy. Don't get me wrong, I love my babies - but the whole constantly-attached-to-my-chest phase gets old. Fast. It doesn't help that in 1 hour Griffin generates enough heat to keep our entire house warm all damn winter. The child is seriously a generator.

And a whiner. Man he's got a great high pitched screech. His nicknames are screechy, stretch, and stinky. They're not those ironic nicknames (like calling Bryan "shorty"), they're accurate colloquial descriptions of our youngest child.

Speaking of squeaky - time to nurse and the go to bed. Night!

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  1. Totally random: we have the same cover for our Anywhere Chair:)

    As I covered, ad infinitum, I also disliked the newborn stage. Except, sub "loathe with a fiery passion" for disliked, and you've got a better idea;) But isn't it funny, other people's newborns are so awesome! they're so warm and snuggly.


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