Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It's quiet

Penelope and Bryan are asleep, Griffin is nursing himself to sleep, and I have a giant cup of coffee.

These are my favorite mornings - I love having some "alone" time (as alone as one can be with a breastfed baby). And I enjoy mornings... I'm like my mom that way.

Anyway, it's a very pleasant way to start Griffin's 2-month birthday. Later today I'll measure him (my prediction, 25.25 inches) and see if I can find a scale somewhere. We're having problems getting him on Healthy Families, so no Pediatrician appt yet - hopefully soon. So Bubba will get to skip shots for now.

My camera is broken, but if I get my act together this morning I'll stop by WalMart on the way to P's gymnastics class and pick up a new memory card so I can take and post pictures of both kids.

Things have been busy in the Rodgers household... and will only get busier. Early next month B's brother & his family will spend almost a week with us. We're all really looking forward to the visit, we haven't seen them since last summer, the twins are 3 now and Gadge is 6! I know they'll all have fun out here, we're planning on trips to the zoo, water park, FairyTale Town, a baseball game, and maybe even Marine World! It'll be a busy but super fun visit.

School is going well for both Bryan and I - he got an A in his first class and an A- in his second class. I'm super proud of him, it's not easy to go back to school, and it's even harder to do it when you have little kids.

My class has been going ok so far - we're in week 3 so I have 1.5 weeks left (and then it's on to another class). I have 7 months left of school and then I'll have my credential and Masters. I'll be SO glad to be done. I'm tired of papers and would really love to read something that wasn't a text book. But I know that I'll eventually miss being in school, I love learning - and I even love writing paper (when the subject is interesting). So I know that at some point I'll be back in the classroom as a student, either working on a PhD or getting a second Masters. We'll see... I'm going to wait until the kids are in school (I think) :D

So I should really document a few things so I can look back when the kids are teenagers and remember how sweet they *used* to be :)

Griffin LOVES to smile at people.He also loves to "talk" and has such a manly little baby voice.

Penelope is wonderful at following directions. If I tell her to go to the nursery, she does. She puts her night-time bottle on the counter when she's finished, can grab her shoes and bring them to you, goes up to her crib and puts in her stuffed animals when it's nap-time, no longer cries for bed or nap-time, stays put when you tell her to (which is wonderful when I;m trying to load or unload both kids from the car), picks up her toys, helps feed the dog, and does 1,000 other things I can't remember right now. She's such a good listener and a sweet baby...she loves to swing, dance, and will hand you the remote control and ask for Sesame Street (yeah, I know, but we never claimed to be perfect parents).

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