Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Isadora Update

I feel bad the last time I blogged about Izzy was in May.

3rd baby.

Adding another kid to the mix is a lot more work than I had anticipated. Also, the first few months of her life all she wanted to do was nurse. We spent a lot of time in a chair or on the couch with a nursing pillow and the remote controls. The big kids loved all the extra screen time though - so yea?

Baby sister is a little over 9 months now and, as of right before Christmas, crawling. She sat early (around 4 months) and has been experimenting with table food for a few months. Child loves to eat. LOVES. Sausage, pancakes, eggs, bagels, spaghetti, carnitas, rice, mashed potatoes... the only thing she doesn't seem to love is peas and spinach. Her favorite food right now is anything pumpkin flavored. And cheese. She loves cheese.

Here's a video of her being very vocal about her love for cheese:
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We got her first round of pictures done around 6 months (which is later than the older two, but hey - at least we got some done, right?) and she does feature prominently on my IG account, so there's that.

Here's one of my favorite of the three kids:

Other things:
1. We went to Disneyland with all three kids in June. The drive was horrific (Izzy is not the best traveler), but the bigs had fun.
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2. Izz is daycare now and while it was a bit of a rough transition (she demanded to be held all the time) she now loves it there (no tears at drop off!). Things are easier for her day care provider now that she's crawling.
3. Sleep is... rough. I could say a lot about sleep but I won't because I don't have that kind of time right now. She has good nights (where she's up 3-4 times) and then nights like last night, where I know we were up 19 times because my shiny new FitBit tells me how many times I was "restless" at night. I'm very thankful for coffee.
4. We're still nursing (yea!) and we still get donated milk for daycare bottles. I do pump, but I don't pump enough for her daycare milk.
5. PPD/PPA comes and goes, but there are many more good days than bad days lately. I do want to eventually do a longer PPD/PPA post since it was so intense and so hard this time around, but like the sleep post - I just don't have time for that right now.
6. The bigs are adjusting well to having a baby in our lives. She LOVES them and they really love her.

All for now. Maybe more next week since I'll still be on winter break.

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