Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I cried today

So today was the first time I got emotional about our move. Ive been so incredibly busy since I got offered the job (2 weeks ago!) that I haven't really stopped to let myself do much processing... But today it hit me, in two days we will be leaving Sacramento and all of our family and friends.

Hopefully my parents won't be too far behind us, because we will miss them terribly. Luckily my brother will be spending a few weeks down with us to keep an eye on the munchkins while we search for a daycare that meets my probably unrealistic expectations.

And I know, like I've said in another post, that we'll make new friends. But I really like the ones we have now and I will miss them so much it makes my stomach hurt a little. Penelope will miss them. Griffin will miss them. Bryan will miss them.

But I think I'll miss them most. Mostly because Penelope's memory is rather short. And also because these women helped keep my sane, they donated breast milk to my babies, watched the kids when I was student teaching, were a source of reassurance about whatever parenting issues were on the table, gave me an excuse (nay reason) to leave the house, passed on ideas and tricks, brought over food after G was born, let us borrow toys/clothes, and gave this SAHM a chance to talk to a rational adult during the day.

I hope that the move doesn't mean that I will lose touch with these extraordinary women, thanks to Facebook we will hopefully "see" each other and I've given them all an open invitation to come down and visit (the aquarium isn't more than 20 minutes from us!).

But it's still hard to leave them even though I am so incredibly excited about teaching and living in a new place.

Today was the last Wednesday playgroup that we attends (hence this pst and the tears on the drive home)... And here are some pictures of our crazy and wonderful babies.

Poe and Orson

Griffin and Olivia

Penny and Olivia


Gus, Angelina, Orson, Oli, Ava, Penny, Griffin, Alina, and Linden (with Mama Alisha). Not pictured, Maddox and Jude. Our friends who didn't make today's group are: Sophia, Elli, Will, Jackson, and Lucy (and their mommies of course). Also? 4 new babies are due in the next few months!

Kim took more pictures and they're probably better ones since a) she uses a real camera and b) she's a much better photographer than I am.

I will miss my mommies!

Tomorrow: the zoo, a visit to my moms work, and dinner with my grandparents. Friday is our last gymnastics class and then we load everything up!

A post on Penny's last dance class will be forthcoming.

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