Sunday, July 24, 2011

Pre move weekend

It was a busy weekend... My parents took the kids from Saturday morning to Sunday afternoon (and hosted the garage sale, which my grandma was gracious enough to man) so Bryan and I could do the bulk of the packing. We got a least 75% of the house packed, but looking at what's left the number may be closer to 85%. The kids have a few toys and clothes out, I still have some clothes, and we have all our toiletry stuff still to pack... We also kept the TV up and Bryan's computer and desk since he will need that all this week for work.

But everything else is in a box, or at the dump, or at the Goodwill. We may need to make one more dump run because we're getting rid of a lot of stuff. I probably could have tossed more, but I'm a little sentimental. I'm keeping the hats my midwives knitted for the kids, all my old journals (dating back to Junior High), my brownie sash, Conco hardhat, and other miscellaneous items that I never use but couldn't bear to throw away. So a fair amount will stay in boxes until my children have the unenviable take of sorting through it all after I'm dead.

Some they'll love, like my mom's prom dresses or the crystal flutes from our wedding; and some will make them scratch the heads, like college essays and notebooks. But I cant get rid of it.

Some of what I have can be called heirlooms, but most is just sentimental... The journal I made during grief counseling after my grandfather died, a scrap of paper he had written on before his death, his nametag... I h ave a note my junior high school boyfriend passed me in class. And a comic a friend drew, and a flask of my uncles, and handkerchief of my great grandmas.

I have a ridiculous scrapbook I made of the first 6 months of my and Bryan's courtship, including movie tickets from our first date and the boarding passes from our trip to Hawaii.

In sorting through all the stuff, I decided that I am a hoarder of good memories. Even my grief journal is a good memory. The bad stuff I tossed, an apology letter from an ex is one of the things I threw away.

I love the life Bryan and I are making together. I love packing it up into boxes and taking it to some place new where we can watch it grow. I will love unpacking it and arranging it in our new home, the first place we ever decided to live together (since he owned this house before we met). And I will love accumulating new memories that I will hoard and fondly pack away the next time we move.

So happy packing to all my friends who are also moving, may our journeys be safe, fun, and full of love.

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  1. I'm the same way. I finally took a deep breath and tossed my journals from HS and college. There was way too much melodrama and not enough "today I did xyz" to justify keeping them, so they got cut last time we moved. I was totally freaked that someone would somehow find them, so I triple-bagged 'em and threw them in the dumpster, then threw the used cat litter on top.

    I'm so excited for your big move!!


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