Wednesday, May 30, 2012

2 Year Check Ups

Big Bubby had his 2 year check up today. I couldn't go - last day of school (well, last day with students) and I had to give finals and get grades in. It was the first appointment I'd ever missed and I was a little sad I couldn't go, but I knew Bubby and Bryan would be fine without me.

Although this does mean that I don't have exact measurements. Bry and I don't have the same priorities ;) but we measured him the other day (I think I posted it?) and he's 36.75 inches and he's about 32 pounds. So 75% in both categories... we thought for awhile that he would catch up to Sis and they'd start to look more like twins (our midwives told us it would eventually happen) but she went through another growth spurt and is still 5 inches taller. I'm sure that he'll surpass her at some point, but it's not going to be anytime soon.

We have discovered that he has a strawberry sensitivity. I thought at first that he might be allergic, but both his Ped and my Guru Kathy who talks me down from the ledge every time I think something is wrong with the kids. Strawberries give him wicked diaper rash and he loves them. Kathy said he should eventually grow out of it, which is good because I don't know if I can keep them out of the house.

He was up for 2 shots and a lead test - apparently he took it all like a champ. He and Poe are very different in that arena (well, they're very different in most arenas). And I have to admit that I was a little nervous this time around... I really wanted to be there for his shots, but in retrospect I'm glad I wasn't. My rational brain and my irrational brain played a bit of tug-of-war leading up to this particular shot session.

I know that shots don't cause Autism. I KNOW this. They don't. But, from what I've read (which is, admittedly, not exhaustive) the jury is still out on whether or not shots - particularly the 2 year shots - may trigger Autism in those predisposed to Autism (i.e. with the right set of genes). Now, there isn't a huge history of Autism in either side of the family; so risks for G probably aren't high. But I was still a little nervous even though I realized it wasn't really rational. So I am relieved that everything went well and he hasn't had a fever or behavioral changes.

I was never so worried about stuff like this with P... And if I'm being honest, it's because P reminds me so much of Bryan and G reminds me so much of my brother. Now, there's nothing wrong with my brother. He's a great guy. He's a wonderful Uncle. But I think he'll be one of the first to admit that his ADHD has made life more challenging. My Dad would probably admit the same thing - he also has ADHD. And I love both my brother and my father, but I don't wish those challenges on my son. If Griffin (or Penelope) develop any type of disability, Bryan and I will be there to support and advocate for them... I just fervently hope that's not an issue that we have to deal with. Ever.

Anyway, we have one healthy, sweet, snuggly, stubborn, curly-haired little boy (or Big Boy, as he constantly reminds me).

In this, the children are the same - they both love salad

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