Monday, February 11, 2013

Out of the mouth of babes

Today was a play day and I realized that:

1. 4 year olds don't ever stop talking
2. Since they never stop, much of what they say is utterly ridiculous
3. 2 year olds are also chatterboxes, but 2 year olds with older sisters have a hard time getting in a word edgewise
4. Thus 2 year olds must invent even more ridiculous sayings in order to be memorable.

Today, after we made alien/spaceship Valentine's Day crafts, the kids pretended to be astronauts "blasting off" to various planets in search for food. Just so you know, here's what you can find in our solar system.

The sun: popcorn
Mercury: pudding
Mars: juice
The Moon: cheese (ok, so this one was mine)
Venus: cupcakes
Jupiter: lemons/pineapple
Saturn: soup
Neptune: ice
Uranus: apples

Then we had the following conversation:

Penelope, having returned from Jupiter (which, by the way, is the bush at the end of the driveway): "Look at this giant pineapple. It can talk! And since it can talk we will, of course, not eat it."
Me: "You're right, that IS a very large pineapple. And I've never met a pineapple that could talk before. How wonderful."
Griffin: "I'm Buzz Lightyear! Take that pineapple!" (kicks the air where said pineapple is sitting) 
Me: "oh Bubby, we need to be nice to sentient beings."
Penelope: "Nevermind mom, it's a dragon pineapple and it's evil. Let's kill it!" (joins her brother in kicking the air).


P: "Mom, which planet should I go to?"
M: "I dunno Sissy, which planet do you want to go to?"
P: "The forest planet I think, they have lots of pine cones there."
M: "Yes, I imagine they would."

P: "But there are a lot of chipmunks in the forest (whispers) but you'd better watch out because they might eat you."
G: "I can eat squirrels, they're deeeeeelicious!"
P: (aghast) "No, Bubby, you can't eat squirrels, they're senchen!" (read: sentient)

After bath:
P: "Mommy, I'm a superhero."
M: "What's your super power?"
P: "I fight crime."

M: "Sweet."
G: "Sissy is the best sister in the whole world."
M: (melts)

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