Thursday, June 25, 2009

A whole mess of stuff

The word count webpage I use to keep track of my count on papers for school is down. This makes me very, very sad. My word processing software doesn't have word count, and I refuse to pay out for Microsoft. Hopefully it will be up again tomorrow. This means that I can take a break from writing and blog :)

There is a ton going on with us right now, but nothing super exciting - so I haven't really had much time to blog and even if I did I wouldn't have much to talk about!

School is going well, I have a 4.0 so far (three classes) and I'm hoping to continue the trend. So far nothing has been what I would call 'hard', just 'annoying' and 'slightly pointless'. Oh well, that's par for the course. The last time I was really challenged in school was my Senior Seminar class for my Bachelor's Degree. It wasn't really hard, but it required actual effort on my part. Of course, I was fascinated with the subject (hence my major) and so it was easy to make the effort to do well.

Bryan is still thinking about going back to school, but it's a little daunting. I know he'd do well, but we would all need to be better about time management. We'll see... I'm crossing my fingers it all works out.

As for Penelope, she's doing quite well. She tried to throw up in my mouth the other day - that was fun. My mom had her and I was sitting next to them on the couch. P and I were playing "Mommy's gonna getcha!" and she burped, then turned to me with her arms wide and her mouth open (this is how she gives kisses & hugs, it's really cute). Anyway, I leaned over to kiss her back and BAM! puke all over. Luckily I had my mouth closed or else she would have landed it right in my mouth. Ew. That's a story I look forward to telling when she starts dating :)

She gets closer to crawling ever day. I think it's still another week or so off, but it's coming sooner rather than later. Which is more than I can say for teeth - she's been working on the top teeth since she got the bottom ones in... almost 2 months ago! They're still nowhere to be found and she's still chewing on her fingers like mad.

She's not big into chewing on much else though. She likes to munch on her bib or her L'Elephant, but she doesn't really put toys in her mouth. She loves to play with them, but she's not a mouther...

Oh! Today I booked out flight and hotel - the Rodgers family is going to LA! We're planning on seeing fellow baby mamas Meg & Kristen (along with their December babies) and my cousin Wade, his wife Jennifer and the twins (Luke & Ava). I'm really excited! We're also going to catch a game while we're down there (of course). The Angels are playing the Yankees, so I'm going to root for the Angels. No Disneyland this trip, P is too small... what is admission nowadays? Your firstborn? No thanks, I kinda like her :)

What else? Bryan's new Sunday night softball team starts up this week. It's a for-fun team and there will be some other new dads on the team (as well as my Dad & my brother). It should be a lot of fun, I'm looking forward to going to games with P and rooting them on.

We also got a new rug for the livingroom to cover the tile for when P starts crawling (did I already mention this?). I heart it! It was pretty expensive, but it was 84% off the original price, so we totally scored. Gottshalks is going out of sale and the rug was originally almost $4,000. Sweet.

I wish I had some new pictures to post, but I've been lax about taking pics recently. I'll try and get better, but it's hard to remember when you're so busy!

We may take her to the pool this weekend, so I promise that if we do I'll get pics.

Ok, time to get a little more work done on my paper before B comes home from his softball game.

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