Monday, September 7, 2009

Pictures, a movie, and other random things

So last night Bryan and I went to see Inglorious Basterds as Penelope was at a sleep-over with my parents. More on the movie in a bit (and spoilers), but fist here is a picture:

This is my Dad with Penelope in the Ergo, so cute :)

Anyway, the movie (spoilers). I really liked it even though parts were a little... gross. It was the scalping that really got to me, ewewewewewew. Although the end climactic scene where Hitler dies was pretty satisfying. Graphic, but I didn't mind it then - after all, it was Hitler.

I wonder how long it will take for this movie to be so ingrained into our cultural background that people begin to believe it was how the war actually ended. It wouldn't surprise me if it eventually happened, although it would sadden me - I can't decide if it's because people (in general) are really gullible or just really stupid. It amazes me how many otherwise intelligent people can't name the President who delivered the Gettysburg address, the one IN office when we landed on the moon, or who don't know what women's suffrage means - yet these same otherwise intelligent people can tell you the cast list for Lost. Sad. Sad sad sad sad.

Alright, back to baby stuff. She's with my parents all day today and they're going into Old Town Sac for Goldrush Days - I'm sure they'll have fun. Bryan and I are going golfing with friends (clarification: Bryan will be golfing, I will be driving the golf cart). We may even take a nap before we go - we live such an exciting life, don't we?

New stuff: Penelope gives her Daddy high fives! She's getting better at walking, and doesn't need as much support as she used to - she may be walking unassisted by her 10 month birthday (which is what her pediatrician predicted). Oh! She turned 9 months on Saturday - happy belated birthday baby!

Alright, must go get some coffee and lounge in front of the TV :) I miss my baby, but I am thoroughly enjoying the morning off!

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