Sunday, September 27, 2009

Tooth #7... and Abba

Penelope got tooth #7 in today! Usually she gets them in pairs, so tooth #8 will hopefully be in soon too. I can't wait for teething to be over!!!

Yesterday (I think). We were all hanging out together and Bryan and I were trying to get Penelope to say "mama". We'd ask her, "Penny, can you say mama"? And she would go "Abba".

It was pretty funny. Apparently I'm a Dancing Queen. Or something.

She didn't take an afternoon nap today. Well, she did but it was only a half an hour. This means that tonight will not be fun and I'm not looking forward to bedtime... especially since Bryan has a softball double header and so won't be home to give me an extra hand. She's already a bit of a pill, but we're at my parent's right now so they're helping me out.

Other things that are currently incredibly frustrating:
*biting - I haven't decided if she's at an age where biting her back would be effective in getting the point across. Is 10 months too early for that? I know it's because she's teething...
*hair pulling - one of the many reasons I keep my hair up all the time.
*obsession with the cable box - I'm tired of hearing myself say "No Penny, that's not for babies". I could get a gate, but it would have to be huge and it would be a major pain in the @$$ for Bryan and I. Oh well, she'll eventually learn (and then her sibling will be all over the stuff).

Things that are super awesome:
*crawling - I love crawling. She can get around, come and get me, chase the dogs, throw the ball and then go after it... crawling is awesome. Rug burn is hilarious, it's almost baby-leg weather so that will help.
*big kid food - she eats what I eat. With the exception of uncooked fish (which I can't have now anyway), peanuts (and other nuts), and shellfish - she and I share everything.
*routine - even though we have our "off" days, P is pretty much on a routine that she fell into without much prodding. Night time is 8-6:30, morning nap is around 9:30, and afternoon nap is around 2:30. This is our schedule 85% of the time. That's pretty good (I think) and I'm very happy with it. There are some days (like today) when she'll skip or shorten a nap, but such is life. Overall our routine works pretty well and it's nice to have.

Alright, time to pack her up and go home... bedtime is fast approaching. Hopefully it will go better than expected.

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