Saturday, September 26, 2009

All about the pregnancy

Just some pregnancy info for those who are curious...

How far along are you? 11 weeks, 2 days

When did you find out? At Tazz's wedding :) We didn't tell anyone (except Liz & Megan who were there when I told Bryan) because we didn't want to shift the focus of the celebration and we were still in shock.

Will you find out the sex? Nope, this will be our last baby and we want this one to be a surprise.

Do you have any feelings about the gender? Well, we both think it's a girl. We'd be happy with either and don't really have any sort of preference. We just want a healthy baby.

When will you post ultrasound pictures? We're only getting one ultrasound at about 20 weeks. Last time we got 4, and after having read a ridiculous amount of articles and studies, we decided to do as few ultrasounds as possible. Technically we don't need any since this is a low-risk pregnancy, but I like having the 20 week ultrasound to make sure everything is developing ok... if we find out that something is wrong at the u/s then we can reevaluate where we give birth.

Will you have another homebirth? Yep, with the same midwives. This is for 2 reasons, 1- I loved Penelope's birth and 2- our current insurance does not cover maternity. Hooray for crappy private insurance, right? Who needs reform when we have this! (rolls eyes)

Do you have names picked out? We have a couple boys & girls names - but there's 29 weeks left so we have a lot of time to change our minds. I might do a poll later one so people can weigh in, but it wouldn't make us change our minds anyway... and you know me, I'd pick the name with the least votes just to be ornery.

Are you excited? Well, not at first... we certainly weren't planning this pregnancy. And the timing will cause some bumps with school, but nothing that can't be overcome. Such is life, right? The further along I get the more excited I become, but it's hard to be too excited when you're chasing after a 9 month old and nauseous all the time.

How are you feeling? Nauseous. Very, very nauseous. It's very similar to my pregnancy experience with Penelope only more intense... probably because I have a lot more on my plate this time around. I'm hoping that the second trimester brings some relief (it did with P).

Are you showing? Yes, a little. Pics *may* be posted later.

Anything else? Our next appointment (we'll get to hear the heartbeat for the first time) is Oct 15th, the same day as my cousin Jodee's wedding! My due date is April 15th (tax day).

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