Monday, April 5, 2010

The List - revisited

So, a significant amount of work has been put into finishing up what I have on the list... here's what it looks like now:

*Finish coursework for TED 666 (the class I'm currently enrolled in, which ends 3/27)Got a 98% in the class!
*Finish TPA 1Submitted today... will be awhile before it's scored
*Finish TPA 2
*Get birthing kit together
*Start/finish the owl project for Penny's room (a sewing project) The project is started, but my sewing machine died after 1 1/2 owls were completed, so hopefully I'll be able to borrow someone's machine soon and get it all done Finished it 4/7!
*Cook at least a week's worth of food and freeze it (preferably 2 weeks, but that's a stretch)I have 5 meals frozen... almost a full week. And I have friends who have offered to bring over food after delivery which is a HUGE relief.
*Stock up on groceries That will probably happen on Thursday!
*Clean the bathrooms This desperately needs to be done, probably will happen this weekend
*Put Penny's new room together (once Bryan is done) Well, her room is mostly done so I'm going to cross this off the list. Once I get the picture frames up I'll take pictures and post them. It really turned out *very* well. My husband is awesome!
*Clean closet and rearrange master bedroom (so the birthing tub will fit)
*Clean the rest of the house (lower on my priority list since cleaning gives me some pretty lovely contractions) Yeah, that's not gonna happen anytime soon. Maybe this weekend. I HOPE this weekend
*Set up automatic bill pay so our bills get paid on time no matter when I go into labor If this doesn't get done I'm not going to worry, it's not like it's that difficult or time consuming to pop online and pay bills

Things NOT on the list that I finally got around to doing: My FAFSA & applying for TEACH Grants! :)

I've also printed out the forms for disability (since I can't collect unemployment if I'm not actively looking for work and I obviously won't be actively looking for work right after delivery). I think I'm allowed 6 weeks of disability before I have to go back on unemployment (and start looking for work). It would be great to find a job after my disability is up, but sad to leave "&" so soon after birth. I hate the way the US handles maternity leave. It's terrible. How do they expect women to be able to breastfeed when we have to work 6 weeks after delivery? I know of VERY few people who had breastfeeding well established that soon after their children were born.

Anyway, I'm very happy about my progress on The List. And even though I would really like to have TPA 2 completed before baby gets here, I feel ready to have this baby NOW. But he/she will come when he/she is ready. Mama is ready though! Lets go baby!!!

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