Friday, November 5, 2010

Haircuts & how our eldest child is hilarious

So Penelope has (had) a horribly long mullet and no, it was not cute. Mullets don't look good on anyone, I don't care how hard you rock or how butch you are. Mullets are bad, mkay?

It finally got to the point where I couldn't take it anymore, something had to be done. And so today we got around to doing something about it, Poe got her first haircut.

Now, I wanted to take her to my hairdresser, who has known my parents since High School and has cut my hair for ages. But Penelope is a little frightened of him (I don't know why, who could be scared of a 5 foot tall gay man? Really, who?) But she is. She also doesn't like new things, and getting a haircut was going to be a new experience, so we needed to a place with age appropriate distractions. So we took her to some kids-specialty places where we could pay way too much money for 5 minutes of actual hair cutting time.

But the mullet is gone (thank goodness) and there was only minimal screaming (thank you Dragon Tales). Here are some pictures:



It may not look like a whole lot but she took a good 2 inches off.

Afterward we went to Jack's Urban Eats, an overpriced restaurant that serves mostly decent American food. Bryan and the kids sat down while I ordered and Penny made a friend :) A little boy who was probably about 4, they were playing and dancing - it was super cute. He even shared a french fry with her.

After they left Poe settled down to eat a little of her salad (i.e. tomatoes and grapes, she was surprisingly uninterested in the rest of her salad, it's usually her favorite meal). Although she didn't stay settled... Jack's plays music and Penny decided that she had to dance, so she danced by the table and took breaks to come back to her plate and get a new grape or tomato. It was HILARIOUS. I cannot over emphasize how ridiculously adorable it was. I tried to get pics, this was the best I could get:

Twirling.. she would say "mama! ballerina!" as she twirled:

Being cute:

Now to be fair, here are some pics of G-funk:

This is the kids on Tuesday, their first election!

Yes, Penny has her Halloween costume on.

This pic just makes me laugh:


  1. That picture is so funny!

    I can't believe how big the kids are!

  2. ohhh, Poe, I felt the same way about my choices on election day.

    And ITA about kids' hair cut places. they are so ridiculously overpriced, but it's worth it to have someone cutting their hair who doesn't freak out over the constant squirming and moving. Plus I'm pretty sure they don't have Elmo DVDs at SuperCuts.


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