Thursday, November 4, 2010

Oh please, sweet goddess of the night, let him sleep

Griffin's lack of sleep is driving me insane. Literally. I have been diagnosed with PPD. And while I'm sure it's not solely due to sleep deprivation, the sleep dep. plays a huge role.

So we're working on getting more sleep. It's a slow process. And for those of you who are curious, no I am not on medication. My midwives and I agree that we want to try and eliminate the possible causes before they refer me for medication. I feel much better now that I've talked to them and we have a plan... and now that I've gone "public" so to speak. Keeping it all inside was really hard.

Anyway, back to G's sleep (or lack thereof). Today we bought a white noise machine. We've also increased the amount of food he gets during the day and added in fish oil - the extra calories will hopefully help him sleep longer. Bryan now gets up with him once a night and gives him a bottle (instead of me bringing him into bed and nursing him all night). He does eventually make his way into bed and I do still nurse him through the night but it's getting (slightly) better. I really hope the noise machine is the silver bullet here and we get a decent night's sleep.

He did break tooth #5 today so maybe that will help. I also gave him some Tylenol tonight since we just discovered the new tooth. Hyland teething tablets have been recalled and they were our "go-to" for teething so now we have to use Tylenol (or the off-brand from Target). His gums weren't swollen so I didn't realize he was teething! So far his teeth have come in pairs so maybe #6 is on its way.

Both Bryan and I will be happy when G is out of this stage and sleeping through the night. When he's 14 and I can't get him out of bed I will revisit this post and laugh.

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  1. I am not sure you'll ever laugh about this, although I guess my bad sleeper is not quite two, so I don't REALLY know that. I know I still look back and shudder, but I also feel really, really happy that it's over. And to be honest, even now, I wake up every. single. morning, and think about how amazing it is to sleep all the way through the night.

    Good luck with it. It is really amazing how much of a negative impact sleep deprivation has on a person's mental state.


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