Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Apple - read this post

Apple needs to invent a devise that implants into my brain and allows me to record mental notes for review later.

Get on that now people.

Anyway, I'm trying to remember all the hilarious things my kids have said/done lately. Let's go child by child, shall we?

He's been talking a lot more - whenever Sissy lets him. His verbal vocabulary is well over 20 words. One of his favorite words is "fart" and he laughs hysterically and screams it. Holy hell is he ever a boy. He's also started saying "I love you" which comes out as "Uh-V Ooo". He demands hugs, loves making train noises, and over pronounces the ending consonants of words. Example: milk is iLKKKKKKK, dog is daaKKKKKKKK, and fart is faaaaaTTTTTTT.

He's also now jumping and actually making it off the ground. He's also doing somersaults, climbing on everything, and is obsessed with everyone's potty habits.

His sleep is... meh. Not nearly as bad as the week of Sleep Suck, but still not where I would love it to be. We'll get there.

The child never STOPS talking. A lot of it is hilarious.

Like when she chased Griffin around demanding "true love's first kiss". Or when she pointed to a picture of a little boy on a toy box and said "look, that was me when I used to be a boy!" Or "Mama, when I was baby Penelope I lived in your belly and ate your belly button" (I have no idea where she got that). Or "No! I'm your husband!" (Bryan and I were snuggling on the couch and she wanted to snuggle with me).

She's also a liar. She doesn't consciously lie, but she'll make up answers if she doesn't know the right one. And she's a fake crier. Ah, our little drama queen. THAT will be fun when she's a teenager.


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