Saturday, January 14, 2012

A little less sucky

Thankfully Griffin's sleep has gotten better the last few days, but it's still nowhere near great.

He's still waking up at least once, but the week-long stretch of multiple wakings, screaming, and bottle demands are done. For now at least.

I am SO looking forward to the day when he sleeps through the night without waking at all. It will come, but we may be looking at another few months of waking up to bring him into bed with us. I don't mind - provided its just the once - cosleeping doesn't really bother me. At some point we want our bed back full time, but they're only this little once and I've yet to come across another method that I feel comfortable with.

I know that at some point G will learn to self-soothe. We might actually try going to Build A Bear to see if having him pick out a special lovey will speed the process along. He hasn't really connected with a stuffed animal or blanket and he doesn't take a pacifier... His "lovey" right now is me. Which is sweet, but uncomfortable at 2am when he rolls over and squeezes me with all his might. Although it does make me smile when he hugs me and murmurs "mama" in his sleep.

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  1. I am going through this... My daughter is only 3 months but she has her days where she'll sleep a good couple of hours at night and then she has her days when she falls to sleep at about 6 am... I am so sleep deprived! I know she's only 3 months but I would so love to get some sleep at night:-)

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