Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The purse

I will let you male readers in on a little secret. No woman is ever happy with her purse.

We carry them everywhere. We are lost without them. We spend hours (literally) agonizing on which purse to choose. We spend hundreds of dollars on them. We let out excited squeals when a friend shows up with a new one. We are jealous of those with expensive ones. We often own more than one so we can match our outfits with them... You would imagine that an accessory that claims so much of our attention would be an accessory that we love as much as our shoes (which, btw, we often loathe as well).

But no. We hate the purse. No, we hate our purse. It is never good enough. Never big enough, or it's too big. The straps are too long or too short. The color is too bright or too busy. There are too many pockets or not enough places to put out stuff. Things gets lost in the bottom or they fall out the sides. The purse is never quite right.

And so we buy a new one. Hopeful that this time will be different. This time the relationship will last, this time it will fulfill all our needs. This time it won't be deficient in a critical area of need. This time we will love our purse.

And every time we are disappointed.

I know this. I have known this for years. If I was to put together a slideshows of all my purses over the years it would look a lot like my old dating record. One is too small, one was way too busy, another's strap kept awkwardly pulling my hair, one kept falling off my arm... And I had hoped that one day I would find the "perfect" purse. The one to settle down with and keep around. I mean, I found a man I wanted to marry, you'd thinking finding a purse would be easier.

But it isn't.

I'm still trying though. Today I bought a purse that, like so many before (and like a few ex boyfriends) I know will be deficient. But I'm bringing it home anyway.

Why? It's cute. It's blue. And it was on sale for $7.50, marked down from $98.00. Thank you New Year sale at Kohls.

So here she is.

Unlike my old purse, I'll be able to keep my iPad in this one. I'll also be able to fit Griffin in here should I need to. It's huge. This means I will lose my keys and my phones to the bottom. Although it does have front pockets, so maybe I can train myself to put my phone and keys in there... Probably not. We'll see. I am both apprehensive and hopeful- pretty normal feelings for the beginning of a new purse relationship.

And now I can say goodbye to my last purse, who is full of cookie dust (Griffin stuck a shortbread cookie in it one day). This one never held everything I needed it to and so it was time for a change.

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  1. LOL Jessica ... so very true!

    Now the question is ... do you hold on to the old ones? I have one that reminds me of that REALLY bad old boyfriend who keeps taunting me from the closet. Every once in awhile I'll pull it out, try it on, and remember why I put it there.

  2. I can't see the pics! :(

    I'm the exact same way, though! Never was a shoe girl, but, oh! the bags!!


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