Sunday, January 20, 2013


For Christmas this year both kids got scooters from my parents. Penelope had grown out of her trike and while we contemplated getting her a 2 wheel bike, my dad, the bike guru, said that a scooter would be the best way to transition her as it would give her a chance to learn balance before the big girl bike.

She's also in between a small 2 wheel and an actual big-girl bike - like the kind elementary school kids have. I tried to measure her the other day, but I can't find the tape measure. Her size 6 jeans are close to being floods. *sigh* She's going to be six feet tall by the 7th grade.

Anyway. It took a bit, but they're starting to get really good at it. Penelope has learned to turn, slow down, and stop. She's pretty fast - faster than on her trike, which isn't super surprising since when she attempts to ride the trike she practically knees herself in the mouth with each pedal turn. She has waaaaaaay outgrown the trike.

Griffin is working on turning and he's pretty fast too. He has no desire to learn how to stop. In all honesty he probably enjoys running into people too much to learn how to slow down.

I tried to take some video today, but every time I pull out the phone they stop and say "cheese!" Which is cute but also annoying since I want to get candid shots every now and then. Obviously I have them trained for pictures a little too well.

Hopefully I can be a little sneakier tomorrow and actually get video.

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  1. I also gave my kids 2 Sick-Scooters that they can use. This is the perfect gift that I can think off since they do not always go out and play in the park. This will encourage them to go out and play.


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