Monday, January 26, 2009

I had a blog planned...

But somehow in the course of the day I forgot what I was going to say. That tends to happen a lot more often now. So I'll ramble on a bit and hope that I eventually cover the points I was going to make.

I need to go to Sac State sometime this week or next to fill out paperwork so I can apply for the Fall semester. If that doesn't happen AND I don't get into an alternate teacher credential program then we are screwed - seriously. I should be able to get into the program without too much hassle, so as long as I keep on top of things we should be fine.

Bryan is adjusting to his new work schedule, although he really shouldn't have had to make the switch. The reason they have him come in early is to help customer service with the phones, they're allegedly super-busy in the mornings. However, the chick in customer service is never on time and Bryan ends up in the office by himself - answering the two or three phone calls that they get in the morning. I think the real reason they're having him come in is because everyone is a tad jealous that he can work 5 hours a day and still get everything done (and done well) while it takes them 8 hours to do a mediocre performance of their own jobs. I may, however, be incredibly biased.

Tomorrow I get my haircut. I've been wanting to go in since October, but I didn't want to do something drastic with my hair when I was pregnant and then regret my hair decision postpartum. Although now that the date of my haircut is approaching I feel really nervous... I've been complaining about my hair to anyone who will listen, but I'm not sure if I really want to cut it off! After years of short hair, having long hair is still really new - and it's amazing how fast something like that turns into a security blanket. I think part of it is that it's the only thing that makes me feel pretty (when I actually blow-dry it) - If I had my pre-pregnancy body back I wouldn't cling to my hair like this, but since I feel unattractively heavy, I "need" my long hair to feel pretty.

Maybe I'll be brave tomorrow and cut it off anyway. Maybe.

I need to make a doctor's appointment for Penny - we have to discuss shots! I should probably do that right now before I forget...

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