Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It's Wednesday

Wednesday is Mom's Group days, and this week was especially nifty because there were two "new" babies! Simon is 22 days old and Will is 16 days old. They were so little! How quickly you forget that infant stage (although Penny was never quite as small as they were, they're both in the low 7lb range and she was 7.15 at birth). Still, she was at one point almost as small as they are and I'm surprised how much I've forgotten!

So here's an "old" picture just to remind everyone that the Jolly Green Giant Baby used to actually fit into newborn clothing:


Speaking of getting big, we're going to have to get rid of all of her 6 month sized clothing soon. We've already axed the 6 month footie pajamas, but the onesies were still ok for awhile. They're now a little on the snug side (length-wise, she still doesn't fill them out width-wise). I am both amused and frustrated by this - while I love it that she's tall, it's frustrating to have to constantly buy clothes... and baby clothes aren't cheap. I think a trip to the thrift store is in order, since she's only going to fit into them for a couple of months I can't justify spending a ton on new clothes.

Speaking of new, Penny is now rolling over from front to back. Sometimes she gets stuck halfway, but she's doing pretty well. Still sitting up for a minute or two before she falls over, but that'll take time... chatty as ever and she LOVES her daddy. She loves me too, but she lights up when she sees him. It's adorable :)

Oh, I start Grad school in April (did I mention that already? I forget...). I'm both excited and a little nervous, when the heck am I going to study?

Things I want to talk about later: insurance, the dog park, the evils of candy, & baseball.

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