Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sick Baby :(

So Saturday after we got back from Reno, Penny's nose started running and she was a little congested. We took her temperature (very slight fever - 99.9), gave her some infant Tylenol, suctioned the heck out of her nose, and cuddled her a lot. Sunday she seemed to be doing better until about mid-day and then her breathing started to get really loud, although she didn't seem to be bothered by it too much. She did get a little fussy near dusk, but cheered up when Bryan got home from golf (she LOVES her Daddy).

Monday morning she seemed much better, and I thought we were in the clear!

Last night was not fun - for her or us - she woke up every 3-4 hours (which doesn't seem all that bad, but considering that she had been getting 6 in a row at night her sleep has been almost halved). Her breathing sounds awful - and it's just her nose, her lungs sound clear (although I don't have a stethoscope, nor am I trained in any of that but to my untrained ear it sounds just like nasal congestion).

My Mom (who shall now be nominated for sainthood) dropped off some infant saline drops this morning. I'm going to try them once P wakes up from her nap... I currently have the humidifier and the air purifier running in P's room. I hope the humming noise they both make lulls her to sleep for longer than her normal 45 minute nap, poor baby NEEDS to sleep.

Thank goodness this is only a cold. I would be a wreck if it was anything more serious. I think she's handling the cold much better than I am, I feel like crying whenever I see her poor stuffed up face (this morning her right eye was red and puppy this morning too - my poor baby!). Being a mom is nerve racking.

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