Sunday, March 1, 2009

I hate shopping for heath insurance

We're trying to find a new health insurance plan. The one at B's work is going to go up soon and the costs are getting out of hand - plus our insurance sucks. I HATE our coverage. Although I doubt we'll be able to afford anything resembling good coverage. It's tempting to only get Penelope covered and then just hope neither Bryan or I get sick, but that's not being very responsible - we need to stay healthy too. *sigh* I really, really hate health insurance in America.

I'm actually hoping we can afford a Kaiser plan. I know that there are a lot of people who hate Kaiser, but I never had a problem with them when I was growing up - they're familiar & I like that. Blue Shield HMO (what we have now) is frustratingly slow...

Although we may save some money if we decline maternity coverage. If I get pregnant again we're going to go with our midwives, so I really don't need maternity coverage. Odds are that no matter what plan we go with the midwives would be cheaper than a hospital delivery anyway. Besides, I loved my home-birth and don't want to labor any other way (unless, of course, it becomes medically necessary).

Anyway - the whole thing is giving me a headache. I have to actually make some phone calls this week because I have NO IDEA what half of the terms means and what kind of coverage we actually need.

Being a grownup sucks sometimes :(

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  1. I have Kaiser and I know what you mean on KP haters. But with any insurance if you don't like what they tell you talk to someone else. At least with Kaiser you can get second opinions within Kaiser and not be out tons of money. Kaiser isn't that bad for the three of you but let me know if you want help. Good luck as I know it is frustrating. ab


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