Tuesday, November 24, 2009

An update-y type thing

So I haven't really updated in awhile, it's been a busy week.

Today Penelope had her first eye exam today. There's a free program called InfantSee (www.infantsee.org) that gives free eye exams to children between the ages of 6months - 12 months. Since neither Bryan or I have great eyesight (well, his is great now post laser eye surgery) we figured it couldn't hurt to get Penny on the right track eye-exam wise.

Lets just say she isn't a fan of eye exams. She did pretty well but had to be distracted by food while the doctor was looking into her eyes. During the first part of the exam, the doctor mentioned the she might actually be shortsighted already - which would mean glasses. But after the eye dilation and a more thorough exam it turns out that she's just a little farsighted (which is typical at this age) and she has wonderfully healthy eyes. Yea! She needs to be seen again between 3 & 4 and then every year after that. Odds are she'll need glasses at some point, if only because of family history... but hopefully that won't be until much later.

We'll definitely take New Baby in when he/she is old enough.

In less than two weeks Penny turns one! Some days it seems like the time passes by so slowly ;) but overall this year has flown by. I vividly remember this time last year - I was SO READY TO DELIVER. Soooooo ready. Her birthday will be bitter sweet, my little baby is now my little toddler - and not really so little anymore! In fact today two different people asked me if she was a year and a half - they were both shocked to find out that she wasn't quite one yet.

She's almost walking on her own, she's taken a dozen steps or so on her own but she's not quite comfortable enough to do any serious walking without holding on to one of our hands. She just uses our hand for comfort - she rarely uses it for support. Soon enough she'll be walking so I guess I shouldn't push it, but I'm ready. Hopefully by her 1st birthday because the party dress I bought her isn't one she can really crawl in :)

Thursday I'll be 20 week pregnant - halfway! 5 months down, 5 to go. I've actually enjoyed pregnancy much more this time around - although I wouldn't go as far to say that I like being pregnant. It is a condition I endure to get my lovely babies... I think the reason this time around isn't so difficult is because I know what to expect and I know this is my last go-around.

I know I promised ultrasound pictures, but we haven't gotten around to scanning them in yet. It'll happen, I promise.

I don't have any new pictures of Penelope either - I hate our camera and my new phone doesn't really take very good pictures. I may actually go out and get a new camera before her birthday so I can take plenty of pictures.

There's probably a TON more I could say about both Penny and New Baby, but I'm drawing a blank.

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