Sunday, February 14, 2010

D@mn you Morgan Freeman!

I blame pregnancy, but every time I hear Morgan Freeman's voice in *any* commercial (and boy does he do a lot!) I get all teary. So watching the Olympics requires a box of tissues.

Especially that commercial about the speed skater and his sister Jane. Even thinking about that commercial makes me cry. The story line is emotional enough, but add Freeman's voice into the mix and I'm a veritable waterfall.

But if Morgan Freeman voiced a commercial about Viagra or birth control pills I'd probably cry. Good thing we don't own that penguin movie...

So as I mentioned previously, we went on a hunt for bedding for Penelope. We went to Pottery Barn Kids, JC Penny, Macys, Sears, Kohls, WalMart, and Target. Both Bryan and I are wiped out, it's been an exhausting day.

I found a quilt at Pottery Barn kids that I liked, but wasn't prepared to spend $189 on it... there was a duvet cover at Macy's we both liked but it would have been over $200 since we'd need to buy a feather comforter as well, and Penelope likes anything you stick in front of her.

I didn't see anything at Sears, Kohls, or WalMart.

We did find the perfect bedding set at Target but all they had was a twin size set and I was SO disappointed... so I bought another quilt that is "ok" but not great. The color scheme is such that we won't have to re-paint (the room is currently light blue) but it's still feminine (and not super bright pink thank goodness). Bonus, it was in our price range.

But when we get home I felt the call of the other bedding and so I went onto and voila! I found the quilt online and in a Queen size! Here it is:

Tomorrow I'll return the other quilt and then buy the one I really want online. This one is a tad pricier than the one we bought today, but over $100 less than the one we saw at Pottery Barn Kids that I like.

To be honest, it's not exactly what I had in mind when I started this hunt - but I haven't seen a quilt anywhere that matches the picture in my head - so short of making it myself I'm going to have to settle. What's nice is that even with this new quilt we shouldn't need to re-paint. The light blue of the walls will work well with the quilt and keep the room from getting too girly.

Ok, time to warm up some leftover Thai food.

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