Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The "Sprinkle"

Lately a lot of people have been asking me about my baby shower... and this time around we're doing something a little different. I know some people think showers for subsequent children are unnecessary (well, some people I know use harsher language), but I also know people who think every baby deserves a celebration. So to compromise between what I feel is proper etiquette, giving everyone who wants to a chance to celebrate this baby, and reducing my pregnancy stress - we've decided to forgo a traditional shower and instead have a "sprinkle" after "&" arrives.

This will also allow those that choose to purchase gifts (since gifts are never a requirement) to chose gender specific things if they want.

People have also asked what we need. And really, we don't need a ton - certainly not as much as we needed with Pen! We have a crib, clothing storage, and a stroller. Sarah and I are going to make our own cloth diapers modeled after the Bum Genius ones we already use and love. We're going to turn in our old infant carseat and get something larger (and by "we" I mean my parents, thanks mom & dad!!!) - since Pen outgrew her infant carseat so quickly I want to make sure we have more time with this new baby in the infant seat... plus carseats expire and I don't want to cut it too close on the expiration date.

But there are a few things that it would be really wonderful to have, so we're going to create a registry. I haven't gotten around to it yet, but it will be through Babies R Us, so if anyone should wish to purchase something for this new baby you can always go onto the Babies R Us site and search for mine or Bryan's name. We would greatly appreciate anything anyone decides to get for us - although please don't feel pressured into getting us a gift!

So anyway, after the baby is born we'll have this "sprinkle" and everyone can meet the baby and we can celebrate his/her arrival. Exact date/time to be determined later, and if I remember correctly my mom offered to host (thanks again mom! :D ).

You know, I should really be reading for class... I'm just so very unmotivated. I know *why* but I'm not quite ready to blog about it yet.

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