Thursday, July 9, 2009

Getting ready for LA

Tomorrow the three of us will head down to LA for the weekend. Our trip is going to be jam-packed, but super fun. Friday we're seeing my cousin Wade, his wife Jennifer, and their twins Ava & Luke who are (if I remember correctly) about 4 months old. Saturday is a BBQ with some December mommies that I haven't actually met yet, but have 'known' via the internet since almost the beginning of my pregnancy. Sunday is a football game, the Angels v. the Yankees, and then dinner with one of Bryan's friends from high school... Monday we leave, but we have some extra time during the day so I want to try and make it to Pablo's grave.

When we come home we get very little rest as Harry Potter opens Tuesday night and we're going to see the midnight show. Penny gets to stay with Grandma & Grandpa that night... that reminds me that I need to go buy tickets today.

Ok, Penelope update:

I can't remember if I've said any of this stuff already and I'm too lazy to read through my blog to double check...

*If she's on her tummy, she'll scoot backwards and tries to go forward but isn't quite there yet.
*She loves to bang things together, which is sometimes super fun and sometimes gives me a headache.
*Her ability to manipulate objects gets better every day - she's able to pick up small objects (like Puffs) but still doesn't have any desire to actually put them in her mouth. I feel like she's never going to feed herself even though I know one day she will.
*She fake coughs for attention... it's hilarious.
*She is currently yelling at me, gotta run!


  1. Not to be smart and all...but isn't the Angels/Yankees Game a baseball game? Mommy brain? LOL. Have fun w/ the Dec Mamas. I'm jealous!


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