Thursday, February 11, 2010

Today WILL get better

Last night sucked. There's really no other way to put it. I don't know why Penny had such a bad night (no fever, no outward signs of serious illness) but she ended up in our bed at 11:30. I think it was probably a combination of teething and the fact that she hadn't really napped that day - she took a 30 minute catnap in the car, but I couldn't get her to go down for a nap later in the afternoon... I tried for over and hour at one point but she just wasn't having any of it. There were a lot of tears (some of which were mine) during our nap-battle - and in the end she won out. I was too exhausted to push it any further.

So hopefully today will be better and she'll nap for my Dad (he has her all day).

I have a 9am appointment at the Employment Development Department to go over my resume and get "tips" on job searching. We'll see how that goes... plus today is my usual homework day so I'll search out someplace with free wifi and get as much done as I can. Later today Bryan has an appointment at the University of Phoenix to talk to someone about getting a BA in webdesign so I'm going to go with him to that - and then my grandma gets in from Reno this evening so we have dinner with her and my parents.

Busy, busy day.

Which will be made all that more difficult considering I slept like crap. Penny spent half the night sleeping on me and the other half on Bryan - so neither one of us got anything resembling decent sleep. Plus she's super cranky this morning. It'll dissipate once we get to my parent's house... she's never cranky for Grandpa :P

Ok, I need to finish getting Cranky McPants ready. Hope everyone is having a much more pleasant morning than we are!!

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  1. wow - AND you found time to blog! You're my hero.


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