Saturday, January 22, 2011


If you've ever seen Toy Story 2 or 3 then you know who Jessie is. I think I've already detailed how much Penelope loves the Toy Story movies so today's events should not be at all surprising.

First off, I have to give a huge public thank you to my parents. Every Friday night they take the kids for the night so Bryan and I can have a date and get some sleep. Last night we went out to dinner, watched Mad Men, and played Rock Band (oh yes, we're geeks). We then slept in, until 8. It was glorious. And while I missed our morning routine, I did not miss the 1am, 3am, and 5am wake ups. Although Griffin slept well for them (brat).

Anyway, we picked up the kids this morning and took them to one of the many parks in Sac. I forgot the name, but it's downtown by where they have the Farmer's Market. It's "space" themed and has a large play structure for the older kids and the younger kids. It's actually a really great park - I think we might have G's birthday there.

We're one of the first families to arrive and have the run of the park for awhile. While running around, Penelope finds a 2" plastic Jessie doll. Probably from some Happy Meal. There aren't many kids around and Bryan said it was sitting there for awhile, so odds are some kid dropped it the day before.

Poe is instantly in love.

She walks around with the toy and they play together. There's a dual slide, Penny sits on one side and she holds Jessie on the other side and they slide down together... hilarious. I have video and I will try and upload it tonight.

Penelope also puts Jessie in this cup/ride thing that twirls around and proceeds to twirl her around. You know those boards with the holes, where you stick your head through and you're a character of some sort? Well this park had an astronaut one and Penelope stuck Jessie through it so she could be an astronaut.

She would also say things like "Jessie's having fun!" or "Jessie's happy!". When we got home it was "Jessie's lunchtime too!"

Jessie took a bath with Penelope today. And she also accompanied her to bed.

I think we need to get Poe a slightly larger version.

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  1. That's adorable. :) I love when they find their inanimate besties and are instantly attached.


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