Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Ordeal

Today I had to take Penelope in for some blood work. WIC requires semi-annual testing for iron and lead. Poe had never gotten it before, so she was due, but I was dreading it... in fact I procrastinated until the day of our WIC appointment because I did.not want to go. We had to reschedule our appointment since the results won't be in until a bit later this week.

It was as awful as I feared.

I was going to detail the whole experience, but reliving it makes me cry. Poe has probably already forgotten about it. Suffice it to say, they had to do it twice since she knocked the first needle out of her arm and she got so upset that Griffin started crying.

As we walked out of the lab, the 100 people waiting (ok, maybe 35, the lab was standing room only) all gave her sympathetic smiles and told her what a good girl she was. All she could talk about for awhile afterward was her "bandaids" and "all done mama, all done".

I will probably be more traumatized in the long run than she is.

I feel for parents of kids who have long term health issues and need regular doctors appts/bloodwork/etc. I know it's hard for the kids, but it has got to be heart wrenching for the parents. You're doing what's in the best interest of your child and that involves causing them a fair amount of pain.

I mean, we just had routine iron and lead testing and I need a glass of wine and a good cry. I cannot even fathom how parents of sick kids handle the stress. Maybe you get used to it? I doubt it. But you probably develop a much more realistic outlook on the whole thing that I have - you have to.

Fortunately, I can afford to be melodramatic. Other parents cannot. I'm sending all those other parents a huge virtual hug. You are stronger than I.

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  1. Sorry things went so poorly. :( Blood draws can be the worst. I'm a bit shocked they couldn't just do a finger stick. :o/ ((HUGS))

    I wouldn't say you get used to it. For me, I've gotten numb. There are times when you can't be the parent and have to be the "responder" - you can't be both all the time. I'm always the one to hold Mackenzie down for sticks (IV or lab draws.) Andy usually goes down the hall or into the waiting room until it's over. Once it is, Mac gets a huge hug and whatever else she might want (typically her Sheepy and to be held)... and eventually I get to cry once she's sound asleep at night. Rinse and repeat.


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