Sunday, May 17, 2009

Some things...

I have a post planned about our trip, but before I forget here are some things:

*I'm still going to try and make Penny's baby food, but due to traveling, Grad school, working, housecleaning, and the dozen other things I need to do this week I decided that we're going to do organic baby food in a jar. Except avocado, that will come straight from the rind!

*I'm so happy to be back in cloth. The disposables are certainly less bulky, but I heart our cloth diapers. And my friend Kathy was right, pre-folds are super easy.

*Penny has been sleeping a lot today, I hope this is just travel recovery and not the sign of another growth spurt...

*Oh, and she's in 18 month clothing. Some of her 12 month stuff still fits, but for the most part we've moved up a size.

*I will NEVER go grocery shopping solo (w/ baby) again. No way, no how. Either I need a shopping buddy or someone needs to watch Penelope. It's WAY too hard to get everything done and my back is KILLING me.

*Wearing Penny during the trip has done a number on my posture. It was never perfect, but it's downright horrid now.

*Penny is getting too big to wear. A 20lb baby in a sling is not really enjoyable (except for her, she loves it).

*Right now P is in a diaper and a bib. It's freaking hot in Sacramento today and even though we have on the air conditioner, clothing just seems a little silly.

*P officially likes oatmeal way better than rice cereal. Tomorrow we try carrots.

*P has a rash on her chin from all the drool... she doesn't seem to mind it, but it looks like she got a terrible sunburn and is now peeling. Poor baby...

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  1. I love the sleeping pics too; isn't it funny we both got one at the same time?


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