Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I should be doing homework right now, but Penny just went down for a nap and if recent history is any indicator of the future then this nap won't last long.

We've had three poor nights of sleep, the first was at my parent's house (her first sleepover! I was a wreck, but she was just fine). It seems to be getting progressively worse; Saturday night she was up at 3:30 and then stayed awake for my mom, Sunday night she was up at 2 and then again at 6, Monday night up at 1 and then at 5:50. I hope this is just a quick-ish phase due to teething or maybe she's about to do something new - who knows. Granted, her sleep pattern is still pretty good for babies her age, but when you compare it to how awesome she was sleeping before then it's definitely a regression.

I think we were due for a sleep regression anyway.

And thank goodness for coffee.

In other Penelope news, she's 5 months old today! Happy Birthday baby! :)

I measured her this morning and she's 29 inches long, which is a half inch of growth - definitely a slow-down from her previous rate. I'll weigh her later. She's still way off the charts, but maybe this means we'll get more wear out of her 12 month sized clothes now.

As for mommy & daddy, Bryan is still working. His company isn't doing so well financially and we're crossing our fingers that they stay afloat. His boss has mentioned pay cuts, which we can't afford - but a pay cut is better than no job. We'll see, the economy is starting to look better, so hopefully we're on an upswing and nothing comes of the pay-cut talk. He's still thinking of going back to school, but it all depends on his job, so he's putting that on the back burner until after the summer.

I finished my first two grad school classes and aced them both - yea! I got 100% on my last paper, which felt great. Thankfully pregnancy & motherhood didn't completely zap my brain cells. This next class is annoying (aren't they all?) but they only last 4 weeks so it's not too bad. I should start student teaching in the spring (that's going to be one busy semester!).

Oh! And today is my mom & my nanny girl-child's birthday - Happy Birthday!!!

I have a lot more I could write about, but I'm going to take the nap-opportunity and get some reading done. Hope everyone has a great Cinco de Mayo!

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