Friday, May 22, 2009

I love May

Actually, I love today's like today. It was upper 80s, no clouds, and just a bit breezy. Penelope was nice to me and took an hour long nap this morning and the we headed down to the Land Park area of Sacramento to meet up with our mommy/baby friends Kim & Orson. Thanks to one of my best friends Meagan, we were able to get into the zoo for free! It was pretty crowded, but not too difficult to manage with two strollers.

We wandered around the zoo (Kim and Orson had never been!), ate lunch, and wandered some more. It was a lovely day, one of those days that makes me glad I live in Sacramento (note: August is one of those months that makes me dislike this area with an intense passion).

Anyway, it was fun. Next week a bunch of us from Mom's group are going to the aquarium... hopefully we can schedule a regular 1-2x a month outing.

I wish I had taken pictures - Penny and Orson had fun together. They're both screechers, so they laughed, smiled, and yelled at each other.

Oh, and Penelope had a conversation with a hawk today.

AND Wednesday she made a little boy cry. Linden (who is about 8 months old, and we've known since before P's birth) was playing with Penelope during group on Wednesday... he had a toy that Penny apparently wanted very much, so she screeched - which made him burst into tears. Poor baby! I made her apologize (which was another screech) which just made him cry harder.

I have video of her glass shattering screech. I'll upload this weekend. Fair warning, it may break your computer speakers.

1 comment:

  1. LOL at the screeching! Asher is a screecher too. Today he decided to screech loudly in church. I think it sounds a bit like a howler monkey.


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