Friday, January 15, 2010

It's not perfect, but we make it work

A full night's sleep continues to be the most elusive of our goals. For the past few weeks (or has it been more than a month?) Penelope's sleep has gone from great to inconsistent and frustrating. I continue to blame it on teething since she has 1/2 of both her top molars still coming in, the left eye tooth 1/8 of the way in, and the right eye tooth close to breaking through the gums. If that much was going on in my mouth I probably wouldn't sleep well either.

Combine it with a wicked cough, Bryan's flu, my pregnancy (and my own wicked cough), and no one is getting their recommended amount of sleep at night.

But it could be worse. A lot worse.

Last night P was up twice, the first time I was able to get her back to sleep in her crib without any hassle. The second time she was *wide* awake so I brought her into bed with us and she tossed and turned for what seemed like over an hour before finally falling asleep (in a position that made it difficult for me to go back to sleep, so the rest of my night was pretty much shot). At least she slept.

Luckily I need less sleep than either her or Bryan - I've had insomnia since before I got pregnant with Penelope and was actually on sleep medication for a little while (it didn't help). So while I'd like to get more sleep, I can settle for what I get now - at least until the teething ends.

Of course, as soon as she stops teething I'll go into labor and then no one will get any sleep for another year.

Such is life.

Speaking of labor, I have 10 more weeks until I'm full term and can hope for labor to begin. 13 weeks until my due date. I really do hope this baby decides to come a little early. He/she doesn't have to come in exactly 10 weeks, but 11-12 would be nice. We'll see, I'm sure I'll be giving minute to minute dilation updates once I get a little closer to my due date.

Some days 10 weeks seems like an eternity... and some days it feels like it will happen tomorrow. While I'm not at all anxious about labor, I am anxious about juggling 2 children under 2, finding time for school, and trying to find a job. The closer I get to my due date the more unlikely it is anyone will hire me. Few people are going to want to hire someone who will be there for a few weeks and then take 6 weeks off for maternity leave. I'll keep trying though and hope for the best.

Oh, Penny has her first dentist appointment next week. That should be interesting... she's not exactly a fan of people poking around in her mouth. I have a couple of questions for the dentist about toothpaste and toothbrushes - fun stuff, huh? That reminds me that I need to make an appointment for myself.

I had a bunch more that I wanted to say, but I've forgotten it all. And Bryan just turned on Sweeney Todd so it's time to watch some TV :)

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  1. I can't believe you're that far along! it seems like just yesterday (well. to me. it did NOT seem like just yesterday when we were all doing this together, lol).


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