Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Before I forget

I wanted to chronicle a few things before I forget them... which I tend to do a lot more these days (forget things). I hope I'll be able to be as detailed about "&"'s happenings at this age, but I have a feeling that it's only going to get harder to remember to write it all down. So dear "&", if you're reading this, mommy is sorry she wasn't able to note every cute thing you did as a baby. Second children get the shaft. But I still love you!

Ok, so on to how frickin' adorable Penelope is.

Today we splurged (ok, I splurged) and got her a bean bag chair. It's pink and soft and she loves it... only she loves to hugs and nuzzle it, not necessarily sit in it. In fact, anything remotely soft she will nuzzle and then hum. Her hat, stuffed animals, blankets, my belly, pillows, the couch... you get the picture. She buries her head into it and then goes "hmmmmmmmmm" - so cute.

She's also become quite the chatterbox. She now chats with strangers in line at the grocery store (or Kinkos, like today). 99& of the time she'll only talk to women, but the occasional guy has gotten her to smile.

She also stops whatever she's doing and dances to the theme from Friends. She REALLY gets into that song. Bryan and I are going to attempt to video tape it tomorrow, it's hilarious.

She's started trying to feed us, which is cute and occasionally gross. She'll slobber all over her hands feeding herself and then try and shove food into our mouths, she's amused when we refuse and then only tries harder.

Damn it, I had a bunch more I wanted to talk about and I can't remember any of it. I really need to start jotting down notes during the day so I can get it all on the blog.

Oh, and I can't find the camera so no new pictures. I'll try and look for it tomorrow.

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