Monday, January 11, 2010

Things we did today

This morning I was tempted to keep Penelope and I in our pajamas all day (or at least until right before Bryan got home) but there we no decent movies playing on HBO and since Penelope won't watch TV I decided we might as well be productive.

Luckily Penelope cooperated and napped for over an hour in the morning so I could clean bathrooms, wash diapers, and start regular laundry. She also sat happily in her high chair with snacks while I did the dishes and made us lunch.

Lunch was macaroni & cheese (I wasn't feeling very creative today) and I allowed her to hold her own spoon and bowl... I've been hesitant to do so because I don't want to deal with the mess, but as has been pointed out to me recently "she'll never learn if she's never given the opportunity". So I mentally prepared myself for a mess and let her have-at. The more I can encourage her to be independent before "&" gets here the easier it will be on all of us.

She got some into her mouth using the spoon (with some assistance from Mommy) and the shoved the spoon at me and demanded to be fed. She wasn't even interested in finger feeding the macaroni to herself. :/

We'll keep trying, tonight for dinner is stuffed bell peppers so I'll cut it all up, give her a spoon, and see what happens.

Anyway, after lunch we headed to Target to waste time and pick up a few things. I *almost* bought her a bean bag chair, but it had a fuzzy cloth exterior that couldn't be removed for cleaning. I didn't really see something like that being practical with soon to be two kids, a dog, and a long-haired cat.

I let her run around the store a little since it wasn't crowded and I wanted to tire her out - it was hilarious. She was running around waving her hands and chatting away. She found her way to the Star Wars toy isle, the pink princess isle (although she ignored everything in the aisle except for the baby dolls), and only tripped over herself once as she was running away from me after I threatened to put her back in the cart.

So I think she had a good time.

Afterward we stopped off at Walgreens so I could get my H1N1 shot, came home, had snack, and she went down for nap #2 with little fuss (woot!). She's been asleep for over an hour and a half now... if she doesn't wake up by 5 then I'll probably wake her up otherwise bedtime will be a nightmare.

During Nap 2 I moved and folded laundry, picked up her play area, and completed Lesson 1 of Rosetta Stone's Spanish CDROM (which I got for Mother's Day last year, it's taken me awhile to get with the program).

The first lesson was super easy, but I expected that... I did very very well at grammar and reading (100% in both areas) and only got 95% on my pronunciation. I pretty much expected pronunciation to be my weakest area since I tend to pronounce anything non-English with a French accent. Blame 4+ years of French in high school and college.

Oh, and I also did some job searches today but didn't find anything I could apply for. I'll check back later in case some places wait to post until the end of the work day.

I'll try and work on some homework after P is in bed for the night and will then be able to call this the most productive day of 2010 I've had so far. :)

Tomorrow is music class and hopefully more job hunting... although I'm half tempted to drive to SF and join the protesters in favor of marriage equality. That would make for one long day though... maybe next Monday.

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