Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Grad school & other thoughts

So Monday was my first day in the Teacher Credentialing/Masters Program at National University.

The good thing is that all of my classes are online, so I don't have to go to campus. The bad thing is that all of my classes are online and I have to MAKE time to do the work. Oh well.

Right now I'm in two classes, TED 601 & 605. I can't remember what the actual names of the classes are, one is an orientation class so there's not as much work as the "regular" class. I do have to do teacher/classroom observations for each class though, which is going to be a royal pain. It's not like I can take Penelope with me (which is one of the major reasons I decided to do an online program in the first place!!!). We'll make it work, but I'm a little annoyed.

This should make for an interesting couple of months... I've been out of college for almost a year and you forget how much work it is! Even just keeping up on the reading is going to be difficult since I have to do whenever Penny naps, assignments are squeezed in there too. When Bryan comes home he can watch her, but he also has side websites to do, which is extra money - money that we really need.

So I've decided that I need to cut myself some slack. I'll give it my all, but my "all" this time around with a baby will be different from my "all" pre-baby. And if that means I get B's then I get B's. I'm not going to kill myself (or strain my family life) by trying to maintain a 4.0, it's just not realistic at this point. I mean, I would love to get A's and I'll still turn in my best work, but I won't be too hard on myself if I end up with less than a perfect score. I do have to maintain a 3.0 to continue in the program, so I can't slack off (not that I would anyway).

Bryan is also considering going back to school to get his BA. He got his AA right out of high school and has been working in his field (graphic design) ever since - he's been in this job for 15 years!

But he feels that it may be time to expand his educational foundation... and I fully support it. Although NOW may not be the right time, we'll see how things are in a couple of months. His program isn't exactly cheap either, although student loans are always an option, we don't want to be buried under more debt that we could ever repay. Although an education is very important, so if it's what he wants then we'll find a way to make it work. He's been so great with supporting my desires to further my education, it's only fair that I support him reach his educational goals.

And now for baby stuff!

Penelope is doing wonderfully! She started playing with her tongue, which is hilarious... she'll talk while sticking her tongue out and blow bubbles. She's become super chatty, and we have lengthy conversations every day! She has her next doctor's appointment a week from today so we'll find out length & weight then. I'm pretty sure she's over 16lbs and almost 27" long. We'll see if I'm right!

More later, time to start dinner!

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