Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A mini-rant... and 8 Things

I am absolutely disgusted by a good portion of my classmates in my credentialing/Masters program. These people are training to teach children and they cannot spell, properly use commas & capitalization, and are (in general) really shallow thinkers. I have a hard time making positive comments on their posts because I want to fix all the spelling and grammatical errors... and don't get me started on content. When did people get so stupid??? I mean, the occasional misspelled word or incorrectly placed semi-colon is no big deal, but the habitual errors these people make makes me want to pull out my hair. Bad grammar makes me [sic].

Anyway, my friend Laura tagged me in this meme. It sounded like fun so here you go (and I tag Robin, Annie, and Ra).

8 Things I Look Forward To:

-my own classroom
-Penelope's first word
-getting my iPhone in September
-the opening of X-Men Origins & Star Trek
-the next Harry Potter movie
-finishing Grad school
-my after lunch cookie
-coming home to my husband and baby after work

8 Things I Did Yesterday:

-spent time with one of my best friends
-went to playgroup with Penelope
-wrote two papers
-made dinner
-teased Bryan
-watched Big Bang Theory
-spent too much time on Facebook
-bought pre-fold diapers

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:

-lose my baby weight
-buy a larger car that didn't pollute
-eat Togos every day
-learn by simply placing my hand on a book (it would make things go so much faster)
-move to France
-fall asleep whenever I wanted (and not spend 45 minutes trying to get to sleep at night)
-adopt a baby
-get a pedicure every 3 weeks

8 Shows I Watch:

-The Office
-30 Rock
-Big Bang Theory
-How I Met Your Mother
-2 1/2 Men
-The Daily Show
-Family Guy


  1. Oooh, Harry Potter. *rubbing hands together giddily*

  2. prefolds rock:) Pockets ALWAYS seem to leak for Gracie, no matter which brand I use or which kind of inserts i use. Prefolds almost never leak and, like pockets, NEVER blow out (blow outs are so disgusting, I don't know how people deal with them on a regular basis- I don't think G's ever pooped in a sposie without blowing out.)


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