Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A general update

It's been awhile since I posted (yes? I can't remember and am too lazy to check).

Anyway, things have been hectic. Bryan's schedule will soon include school (in addition to softball, soccer, and room remodeling... and work), and I have a lot of classwork, exams, cooking, and nesting to do before April. The most urgent things on my list are classwork and exams, two weeks left of this course (equals four assignments) and two TPAs to complete (which are basically just really LONG assignments). They need to be finished before I deliver since getting them accomplished with a newborn will make life so much harder.

But it's not going to be easy to get everything done before baby gets here. Not by a long shot.

So I've been feeling very overwhelmed lately... as in weepy. Saturday afternoon I lost it after Pen and I came home from the grocery store. Bryan wasn't able to get out of his obligation to play a tournament to come home, but my parents were able to make it over to entertain the baby so I could piece myself back together. It wasn't pretty. Although I did realize that I need to ask for help, so I'm trying to get better about that. It's not easy - I'm one of those people who enjoys a little bit of stress. But this stress is really just too much. Here's a list of things that I need to do before April 15th:

*Finish coursework for TED 666 (the class I'm currently enrolled in, which ends 3/27)
*Finish TPA 1
*Finish TPA 2
*Get birthing kit together
*Start/finish the owl project for Penny's room (a sewing project)
*Cook at least a week's worth of food and freeze it (preferably 2 weeks, but that's a stretch)
*Stock up on groceries
*Clean the bathrooms
*Put Penny's new room together (once Bryan is done)
*Clean closet and rearrange master bedroom (so the birthing tub will fit)
*Clean the rest of the house (lower on my priority list since cleaning gives me some pretty lovely contractions)
*Set up automatic bill pay so our bills get paid on time no matter when I go into labor

There's probably more, but this is all I can remember off the top of my head.

Bryan's list is equally extensive - he's got a lot on his plate as well.

Suffice it to say, overwhelmed is a bit of an understatement.

I do have some awesome family and friends who have offered to help out. My Dad takes Penny once a week so I can get school work done and my Aunt has offered to babysit as well so I can work on classwork and TPAs. I have some mommy friends who are going to come over sometime in the next few weeks and help me make/freeze food, they've also offered to bring food over after I deliver (hooray!). My brother spent a day helping Bryan remodel P's room, which was a big help. My parents are going to watch her Thursday night so we can make it to our childbirth class and our next prenatal... and they're going to take her next Friday night which will allow us to get stuff done as well. Although it would be nice to have one last date night before "&" arrives so we may do that instead of work on our list(s).

I'm sure it will all work out... although sometimes it's hard to fathom exactly *how* it will all work out.

I'll just have to count my blessings and take on day at a time (and a host of other cliches as well).

But enough of that, on to the good stuff.

Penelope's sleep has been stellar the last week. I'm so excited about it and I really hope it continues post-new baby. This afternoon I put her in her crib for naptime (awake but tired) and she fell asleep on her own. Score! She does this for bedtime (and has for a little while) but this was the first time it's worked for naps. I hope this continues, because it makes my afternoons so much easier. Especially since I'm getting to that point of pregnancy where I'm just uncomfortable, period.

I'll be 36 weeks on Thursday and while I'm ready to no longer be pregnant, I am in no way ready for this baby to be born (see above list). So I'm going to try to not complain about how much I dislike this phase of pregnancy because no matter which was you slice it, babies are easier to care for when they're inside then when they're out.

I am getting excited to meet this baby and find out his/her gender and finally choose a name. So there's something to look forward to - and it will hopefully make these next four weeks slightly more bearable.

Ok, on to a different topic. Baby signs. Penny now signs please, more, eat, all done, thank you, and socks. I'm working on teaching her mommy, daddy, potty, banana, apple, shoes, water, and up. She says nanas (food), mama, dada, da (for dog), key (kitty), verde (Spanish for green), and has other random words that she doesn't use consistently (like rabbit). It's still not as many words as she had before, but her vocabulary continues to expand so I'm not too worried. She sees her pediatrician in 3 more months.

She understands A TON. I can give her simple and complex tasks and she does them. She knows the names of a large number of people - most of whom she doesn't see everyday. She recognizes pictures of cousins she's only met once (she loves her cousin Gadge's pictures) and can point out her grandparents, Aunt Franny, Cousin Bobby, her friend Orson, O's mom Kim, Sarah, Sophia, and more from the pictures we have. She also knows who Lisa & Lisa are (one runs a toy store and one teaches music) and will greet them with a wave and a smile when she sees them (once a week).

She puts away her toys, will pick out specific books when asked, knows which stuffed animals are which, and knows a bunch of body parts (eyes, mouth, nose, ears, belly, fingers, toes, feet, legs, bottom, and hair). She really enjoys coloring, playing pretend with her doctor kit and her kitchen, and really loves feeding the dog (which Harley-Quinn also loves, but which Mommy & Daddy do not).

I'm probably forgetting a dozen things that she does, or has just started doing, but it's hard to keep track! Life goes by so quickly when you're running after a toddler all day!

Alright, I should get some stuff on my list done (or at least started) while she's still sleeping. Pics later!

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