Saturday, March 20, 2010

Working on The List

I still have a lot of school and credentialing work to do, but I have a paper topic so that's a start. If I want to get a B in this class I only need to get a C on the paper... although a C on the paper might actually get me an A- in the class depending on how my last assignments are graded. But that's just the final assignment for the class I still have a lot of TPA work to do. It's just going to have to wait until the class is over, one thing at a time.

I did get some research done today, which is good. I also did laundry, cleaned the master bedroom (Bryan re-arranged it so it's labor/tub ready), and cooked extra dinner and froze the rest (I now have 4 meals frozen). So I feel as though I accomplished a lot today. In addition to rearranging the bedroom, Bryan finished texturing Penny's new room (all it needs now is to be painted), and between yesterday and today he did a LOT of yardwork. So both of our Lists got at least a few things checked off so far this weekend.

Tomorrow we're going to a fundraiser potluck for Mother's Support Network, and then I hope to be able to work a bit more on my paper.

And now for the interesting stuff that people actually care about, a Penelope update.

She can now reach the deadbolt on the back door... without standing on her tip toes. It's 41" off the ground. She can't quite lock or unlock in yet, but that will come soon; that will be fun when it happens. Not.

I don't think she could do too much damage in the backyard (to herself or what's out there), but if she figures out how to get into the garage we're in trouble. I don't think it's possible to toddler-proof the garage and I don't want to even try.

Penelope has also decided that it's fun to get in trouble. She purposefully stands up on the couch or our bed even though she knows she's not supposed to. Then she grins at me when I tell her to sit on her bottom. When I get close enough to take her off the furniture she sits right down with a very pleased look on her face. Brat.

I've started counting to three before I impose a consequence, and the smarty pants will hold up her fingers while I count as if we're playing a game. It's actually pretty hilarious and I have a hard time not laughing at her; and boy is it hard to giggle and be stern at the same time.

She's also started taking her frustrations out on things. So if I tell her "no" she'll try and hit me or pull on the dog if Harley-Quinn happens to be nearby (and she's always nearby, that d@mn dog is never out of reach). She gets told "no", "we don't hit", and "be gentle" when she does those things - I don't know what else I can do. I know this is normal behavior, but it's still a little frustrating. Welcome to parenthood, right?

She's also consistently taking naps and going to bed at night on her own without crying. Which is SO nice. I'm sure we'll still have days and nights where sleep is a struggle, but for the most part she puts herself to sleep without a fuss and then sleeps for 2+ hours (nap) or 11+ hours (bed). No crying. Although she was never really a bedtime crier - but perhaps that's because we always put her to bed asleep (until recently). I always figured she'd let us know when she was ready to sleep on her own... and she did! Thankfully it corresponded with when WE were ready to have her sleep on her own. I think we lucked out on that one.

Now on to "&"

I'm 36 weeks pregnant and have been given the "ok" for a homebirth. My midwives don't expect me to go into labor this week, but they estimate the baby's weight at 5 1/2 lbs which means that if I should go into labor now I can safely have the baby at home.

This is wonderful news, even though I desperately hope the baby decides to wait at least until all of my classwork and credential work is done... so while I don't enjoy pregnancy and while I'm so very ready to no longer be pregnant, I'm hoping to actually go the full 40 weeks. A month ago I would have never said that. A month ago I would have hoped to go into labor the moment I was given the green light... but a month ago I didn't realize how much I have to get done before April 15th.

Baby is in the right position for labor - head down, in my pelvis, etc. But that doesn't mean labor is imminent. While I'm having contractions (mostly BH) every day, they're not regular and don't increase in intensity. I know I'm not going into labor anytime soon.

My next visit in Tuesday, it's actually a home visit so Marlene and Kaleem come to our house. That way they can (re)familiarize themselves with the layout, where supplies are, etc. Which is why I'm glad our bedroom is now "properly" arranged, our birth kit is done, and Penny's room is close to being finished.

Next week I may also get to see my maternity photos! Bree (who took P's 1 year pictures) took them on the 13th and she said they'd be ready in about 2 weeks. Penny and I had a lot of fun working with her and I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures. She took some of P and I together, just the belly, and then a bunch of just Penny. She's also going to come over 7-10 days after the baby is born and take newborn photos. Her photography is beautiful - check out her website:

Ok, time for bed. Here's one of my new favorite pictures of Penelope (with her Uncle Nic at the Steinheart Aquarium in San Francisco):

With Uncle Nic

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