Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July!

So I took home our super fancy yearbook camera in order to attempt to learn how to use it. I have been mostly successful. I still have a lot to learn, and it's a good thing my students know more than I do and will be taking the pictures for the yearbook.

But it's fun to learn and try it out. And at today's 4th of July parade I was able to take a few pictures of students that might possibly make it into the summer section of the yearbook. I won't post pictures of the SHS students since I don't have parental permission, but I will post a few of the pictures of Penelope and Griffin that I love.

I haven't retouched these in any way. I don't currently know how to work photoshop. That will, again, be something my students will handle. Maybe one day I'll learn.

This was the first time we headed to Spreckles (the town just south of us) for their 4th of July parade. We got there early so Penelope could participate in the mile fun-run. She's been asking to be in a "race" for ages now, the child loves to run.

All dressed up and ready to race!

So the night before the race/parade we went to Target and picked her up some new shoes, shorts, and a shirt (it says: "winning looks good on me"). I couldn't help myself, it was all too cute. She loved it so much that she's going to do the kids Turkey-Trot on Thanksgiving - and any other run I can find for her age group.
Warming up for the race with Daddy
She "won"!

After the race we explored the park, made a few new friends, and hung out until the parade began. We have a guest with us for the next few weeks, she's from Barcelona and this was her first 4th of July. We have a lot planned while she's out here and we're excited to be able to show her some of our favorite places.
Me, the kids, and Judit
The day was fun. Penelope got her face painted, we ate hot dogs, the kids cheered for the parade, and almost everyone took a nap. Penelope - who got up at 6:30, ran a mile, ran around with friends, and spent an hour in the sun cheering for the parade, was the only one who didn't sleep. Instead, she sat on the couch and read books while the rest of us napped.

More pictures of the day...
Butterfly face painting
Waving the flag during the parade
After naps, Judit and I took the kids to the park to play some more and then we all went out to dinner. We wrapped up the night with a movie and the kids were in bed before fireworks began. There's no official fireworks show in Salinas, and Bubs still gets super cranky when he's sleep deprived - so we skipped out on the fireworks this year.

Of course, our neighborhood sounds like a war zone right now... and it will for the next few days (and has in the weeks leading up to the 4th). If it was just on the 4th then I wouldn't mind. It is Independence Day after all, I'm ok with fireworks. But the month long explode-a-thon gets old fast. Especially since our dog is terrified of fireworks. Next year we're getting her a tranquilizer for the 4th. Poor thing.

Anyway, I hope everyone in blog-land had a lovely 4th. Happy Birthday America!

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