Friday, February 20, 2009

Salsa gets in your eyes...

It was actually salad dressing, and it wasn't my eye it was Penelope's. But "Salad dressing gets in the baby's eye" doesn't go with the jazz song and so compromises had to be made when choosing a title for this blog.


Last night was my cousin Macy's 13th birthday (side note: I keep saying/typing "niece" or "nephew" when I talk about my Aunt Diana's kids even though they're my cousins... I think it's because of the age gap. I'm 14 years older than their oldest and 20 years older than their youngest). Where was I? Oh yes, the party. We all met up at Chevy's and I, trying to watch my calories, ordered the fajita chicken salad.

They toss it at the table but I told them no dressing (it's a vinaigrette and I'm not a fan of it). Food comes and the busboy, who is helping the waiter distribute food (since we're a party of 13) does three things wrong:

1. He hand my grandfather his food over the table - the plate is hot and grandpa almost drops it.
2. He hands me a small bowl of salad dressing (which I didn't order/want) over the table, the bottom of the container is HOT since it's been sitting on a sizzling fajita plate and I drop it on the table... it goes ALL OVER and some of it splashes into Penny's eye.
3. He never apologizes for being a douche-bag.

Penny starts screaming and I freak out (inwardly - I didn't want to make a scene in the restaurant by calling for a public stoning). I am covered in dressing - all over my pants/shirt, in my hair, on the table, on my grandpa, on Penny's outfit - it's a bloody f'ing mess. I attempt to clean myself up while Bryan takes care of our now pissed off daughter (who had been peacefully sleeping before the incident).

She eventually calms down (although doesn't go back to sleep). It took a lot of walking and almost 4 extra ounces of formula - food calms her down faster than anything else. I really hope this is just an infant thing, because stress eating as a child/adult is NOT a good thing. Oh well, we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

Anyway, I'm upset because she's upset and I can't eat when she's upset (they didn't prepare my salad correctly anyway). And Bryan's fajitas have gotten cold since he was comforting Penny.

The manager does take both of our entrees off the bill and our waiter comes over to make sure the baby is ok, but the bonehead who handed me a hot container is nowhere to be found. I would have appreciated an apology. I mean, he didn't do it on purpose - it was an accident - but he still shouldn't have passed the container across the table, he should have come around the table and actually set it down.

I'm not (and wasn't ever) mad at the guy - everyone makes mistakes and Penny was fine (just upset). Although if she had been injured then I probably would have insisted on a public beheading right then and there (I'm only mostly joking). I'm just in the camp that when you screw up, you own up to it and try and make things right.

Oh well, it certainly made for an "exciting" evening.

And Happy Birthday Macy!


  1. wooowww...scary. People are so stupid about babies, honestly.

    (and for the record, I spent ALLLL day wednesday stress-eating after Gracie decided my boobs actually dispense flaming cyanide and not milk, and I think I'm mostly okay anyway;)

  2. Poor Penny. If it were me and the guy didn't apologize I would have headed off to the kitchen to find him and drag him back out to the table for a public apology after I knocked him in the nads! But hey, that's just me.


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