Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sleep Rocks

So last night was a first - Penelope let Bryan sleep through the night! She didn't really nap during the day and fought sleep at night, so we weren't able to get her down until 10pm. She was up at 3 with me, and went back down around 3:45. She then slept until about 7:45 - so Bryan woke up with his alarm (instead of with the baby) and got almost 8.5 hours of sleep! Hooray for him!

Hopefully this continues, he needs sleep and so does she - longer stretches of sleep at night are good for everyone (well not really for me, but I don't need as much sleep as either one of them and I don't actually mind the 2/3am feeding).

We also found out last night (after I finally read the info/warning on the side of the bassinet) that Penny can only use the bassinet until she's 3 months or 15lbs. Since her 3 month birthday is in two weeks it looks like it's time to start transitioning her to the crib... this makes me a little sad. I was hoping to have her in our room until she was 6 months old, but I don't want to exceed the weight limit on the bassinet since that could get dangerous. Oh well, maybe she'll sleep better in her own room (and maybe not, although I'm going to try and stay positive).

Tomorrow she turns 11 weeks old! We'll have been parents for 77 days!! Some days it seems like she was born just yesterday, and other days I feel like I've been doing this for years - it all depends on how much sleep I got that night *lol*

She's become VERY social. She love to stare at people and she's getting to be quite the flirt! Still not interested in toys, she'd rather make funny faces at people... She's got some great funny faces!

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  1. Gracie always refused to sleep in the bassinet, which means she never slept in our room. It made me incredibly sad to have her all the way down the hall, but I will say that I think we all sleep better this way, because when she makes all kinds of crazy loud noises and acts like she's going to wake up, we don't know (unless I'm getting up for another reason and peek in at her, which is how I know they happen, lol). for what it's worth, anyway. probably not much, it is a big transition!


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