Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Schedules and Sleep

So we've been trying to get Penny to go to bed 'early' - her normal bedtime is around 10:30/11 and that's really too late. We need time in the evening to hang out and chat without also having to feed/change/play with baby.

The last few nights have been pretty successful, last night & tonight she was in bed by 8:30. The night before I think we got her down at 9. We put her in her crib for this - it's too noisy in the living room and I don't want her in our room alone (I still don't trust the cat). So she's in her own room and we have the monitor on. After she wakes up, usually around 12:30 or 1, I bring her into our room and into her bassinet for the remainder of the night. She rarely sleeps in our bed anymore, although when we sleep away from the house (like last weekend when I had two overnights at work) or if I'm super tired (like last night) I'll put her in-between us in the bed.

It looks as though we're getting a pretty good night-time schedule down. I won't claim success until next week tho, I want to give us a whole week to adjust.

A day-time schedule, however, is next to impossible. Why? Well, we're actually pretty busy during the day. Here's a sample of our schedule:

Monday - free morning, drop off Penny at 12:30 at my parents (while I go to the gym & go to work), she gets picked up around 4, I get home at 7
Tuesday - hang out with Sophia while Sarah goes to work, then errands or maybe some housecleaning, usually get home around 4
Wednesday - New Mom's Group, drop off Penny at my parents (gym & work for me), she gets picked up around 4, I get home at 7
Thursday - usually hanging out with Alisha, Sarah & their babies... or more errands if we didn't them done Tuesday
Friday - free morning, attempt house-cleaning, pick up the kids from school
Saturday & Sunday - depends on if I'm working, so sometimes she's with me and sometimes she stays at home with Bryan.

So you can see how it's not really possible to be consistent with naps during the day. She does sleep while we're out & about - but never at the same time everyday or for the same amount of time. In general, even though she doesn't get a regular day schedule, she still seems to keep the same night schedule. So I guess we're super lucky there...

So, in other news, I think we're getting close to laughing! (Did I say that already???) and she's really trying to sit up. I still think we're a way off from sitting up unassisted, I mean, she's only 2 months old. She does LOVE to stand though!

Ok, it's 9 and I should sign off. Bryan is already asleep on the couch (he's still not feeling very well) and I guess I should try and catch some extra sleep since it's likely I'll have both shifts again tonight.

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