Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Peer pressure

When the kids are older, I hope they avoid caving to peer pressure on a whole host of issues: drugs, sex, listening to shirty music, etc. But right I wouldn't mind if Penelope was heavily influenced by her peers in one specific area: potty training.

I haven't started any so of serious potty training because she really hasn't been ready and I don't want it to be a battle. I've. Tried a multitude of techniques to get her interested in the potty but they haven't worked. I'm certainly not giving up, but I'm also not pushing it. It's just not worth the headache right now.

I do want her to potty train, so we constantly ask her about the potty, but no matter how we approach it this is her response:

"no thank you, I want my diaper"

Lately I've been telling her about all of her friends that use the potty. My hope is that it will convince her to at least try. Most of her friends still wear diapers, but there are a few who are fully potty trained. Today we're going to hang out with two of them. I told Pen about it and this was our conversation:

Me: Hey Pen, guess who we're going to see today to the zoo? Linden and Sophia!
Pen: Sophia? Yea mommy!
M: You know what, both Linden and Sophia go pee and poop on the potty. Isn't that neat?
P: Really neat, they go pee-pee obj t he potty! Good job!
M: Let's try and go pee-pee on the potty, like a big girl. Like Linden and Sophia.
P: No thanks mommy, I like my diaper.


One day she will potty train. Sooner rather than later. But not today.

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1 comment:

  1. Word. To all of it.

    I guess our girls missed the memo about girls training earlier. And also the memo about cloth-diapered kids training earlier. SIGH.


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